best places to meet singles in baltimoreWhat’s up Baltimore singles!

If you’re reading this it can only mean one thing: you want to kick your single status in the ass!

Datermeister knows how it is: All your friends are married with kids but you’re still hitting the Baltimore singles scene.

All you want someone is you can talk to, connect with, spoon at night, and make new memories with.

So far, no luck. Damn.

But it’s totally okay because we’ve got a bumper article that shows you where the 7 best places to meet singles in Baltimore are …

…. and we’ve also got some killer tips to help you get someones number in Charm City.


Let’s do this …

1. Best nightclubs for Baltimore singles

The easiest way to meet someone wild is at a nightclub. All it takes is a bit of alcohol, a bit of confidence and you can groove with someone on the dance floor. People’s guards are down, and their inhibitions are freer.

Once you’ve made a connection with someone you genuinely fancy, ask for their number and shoot them a text the next day.

It can be that simple. There’s no need for any deep conversations on the night – just make sure you have fun and keep smiling.

Here are the top 2 nightclubs in Baltimore:

Identity Ultra Lounge (8521 Liberty Rd, Randallstown, MD 21133): The club themselves say that the reason revellers like this hot spot so much is because they’re able to be themselves. That’s super important, and what’s also great about it is that it gets so busy with party people that you’ll definitely meet someone new. And ladies? It’s free admission before 11pm on Fridays!

Mosaic Nightclub and Lounge (4 Market Pl, Baltimore, MD 21202): Located in downtown Baltimore (one of the best Baltimore neighbourhoods for singles), this place is ideal for those Fridays after work when you want to let your hair down. It’s awesome for Baltimore singles over 40 and offers VIP packages for when you want to attract an extra classy mate.


2. Best Bars in Baltimore For Singles

Find clubs a bit too loud? Prefer to be able to casually approach someone somewhere quieter?

Baltimore isn’t known as Charm City for a reason. And the reason is that the people are so damn approachable.

This means that if someone cute catches your eye at a bar, smile at them and they’ll smile back.

Then, just say Hi.

Take a wingman (or woman) with you and put on your most approachable face. If someone you fancy happens to stand next to you at the bar, start a conversation.

Here are the top 2 Baltimore singles bars:

Bad Decisions (701 S Bond St, Baltimore, MD 21231): Are you sick of making bad decisions? Then head over to Bad Decisions and make a GOOD decision (ask that girl/guy out who’s super hot!). This place sells more than 900 different kinds of liquor, but, more importantly, the food is out of this world.

And so are the hotties that go here.

Bookmakers Cocktail Club (31 E Cross St, Baltimore, MD 21230): Grab a friend and head over here, a retro chic bar that specialises in cocktails, an uber-cool atmosphere, and a chilled ambience that’s ideal for meeting someone new. Plus, the food is amazing. Bonus!


3. Concerts or Stand-up Comedy Shows Are Especially Some of the Best Places to Meet Singles in Baltimore

Serious about meeting more Baltimore singles who you make a genuine connection with? If so, you need to go to more places where there’ll be people who like the same thing as you.

For example, concerts.

Concerts are some of the best places to meet singles in Baltimore because you already know that anyone in there likes the same music as you.

The key is not hanging back. Go to the busy areas where people are dancing. The LAST thing you want is to get stuck at the back with the couples.

Then, once you’ve caught someones eye and it’s clearly “on”, introduce yourself between songs. Magic!

Meeting new people at a comedy show can be a tad harder – but still doable. Dress smart, laugh at the comedians jokes and show that you’re having a good time.

Then, when the time is right, introduce yourself to anyone whose eye you’ve caught.

The main thing is to keep the conversation light and – if possible – be funny!

Comedy clubs can be great places to meet Baltimore singles because people are in a good mood, they’re obviously sociable – and they’re guaranteed to have a sense of humour!

Here is the best comedy club in Baltimore:

Magooby’s Joke House (9603 Deereco Rd, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093): This place is a laugh-a-minute joint that showcases the best national and local talent. Okay, so you’ll never see Chris Rock here, but the vibes are good, the jokes and drinks are flowing – and the Baltimore singles are waiting for you.


4. Best Places to Meet Singles Online in Baltimore:

baltimore singlesWish online dating was easier?

A lot of singles make it harder for themselves by signing up to Tinder.

The problem is that around 90% of Tinder users don’t have any real intentions to date. It kinda sucks.

If you want to know where the serious singles in Baltimore are at, try these 2 sites: It’s free to register, and thanks to the way it’s setup, it’s easy to find a perfect (or as close as possible!) match. With no algorithms setting you up with the wrong person (for example, a Steelers fan, no less!) you don’t need to waste time finding Mr or Mrs Right. There are lots of smart singles in Baltimore. If you’re wondering where the heck they are, try EliteSingles. This dating site was designed specifically for career-oriented people and those with a higher education. If you want brains and beauty, sign up!

“But what if I wanna meet Jewish singles in Baltimore?”

If your tastes are more niche and you want to meet Jewish, Catholic singles in Baltimore or Christian singles in Baltimore, no problem. Both Match and Elite let you refine your searches so that you only talk to people you really want to talk to.


5. Gyms Are Great Places to Meet Baltimore Singles

In fact, it isn’t just gyms. Any place where you can develop your health and fitness – yoga or meditation classes, for example – are among the best places to meet Baltimore singles.

Think about it: you’ll meet people who share your health and fitness goals. This is ideal if both health and fitness are very important to you.

“Right, but no one goes to a gym to date!” you protest.

True, but look at it like this: Gyms and yoga classes are attended by the same people each week. The more you go, the more people you’ll get talking to.

And when you really hit it off with someone? Shoot your shot! (ask them out dammit)


6. Baltimore Singles Events – Or Any Kind of Networking Events

How does a singles cruise Baltimore grab you?

Or how about a speed dating event?!

Baltimore singles events are the best on the planet, and singles cruises from Baltimore are so much fun.

And how awesome would it be to tell people you met at sea? Just like that movie, Titanic.

(ok bad example!)

Speed dating, meanwhile, works because it’s so efficient. Over the course of one night, you get 3 minutes to chat to various singles. If you hit it off with someone and they agree, you can arrange a proper date the next day.

The best thing is that you already know there’s chemistry.

Spread your wings, too. While Baltimore singles meetup’s are great, normal networking events are a good idea.

Why? While you’re unlikely to meet a new romantic partner, you’ll probably make new friends.

This is key because, the more people you know, the more social opportunities you have. And it remains a fact that most couples meet through friends!


7. Learn a new skill (while meeting people with the same interests) or do “hobby dates”

If there’s a skill you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the motivation, here’s some motivation: How awesome would it be to meet your next romantic partner while learning a new skill?

That’s right! Whether you want to learn how to paint, cook, or whether you want to learn a new language, you can join a class and meet new people.

That’s gotta be better than sitting at home, all alone, right?!

And, again, even if you don’t meet a sexy Baltimore single in class, you’ll make new friend. The bigger your social circle is, the more chances you have of being introduced to the One.



All in all, if you really don’t want to be single anymore, you’ll do what it takes to meet someone.

Datermeister has given you the options. And with an INSANE amount of singles in Baltimore available, it’s only a matter of time before you meet a new romantic partner.

So buy some new clothes. Grab a wingman (or woman). Be confident. And own this.

Have we missed something out when it comes to Baltimore singles? Leave us a comment below!


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