best dating sites for over 50Here comes Datermeister’s Top 5 list for the best dating sites for singles over 50.

It’s 2019.

Everyone is dating online.

No matter if you’re a youngster in your 50s or a senior in your 90s, there are plenty of you out there on these sites.

On this article you will find:

  • Our picks for the 5 best online dating sites for over 50-year-old singles in America
  • “Best of the rest” (a few smaller dating sites which are also good for people over 50)
  • 7 quick tips to succeed in 50+ dating (be sure to read/skim through these as well!)

So let’s get started with the top 5:

1. Ourtime – a dating website only for over 50-year-olds

dating sites for over 50 years old is a massively popular dating site for people over 50.

Recently, the popular senior dating site, was merged with so the site grew even bigger. They have an estimated of almost 10 million monthly visitors on their website in the USA alone.

Registering and using the site is fast and easy so go and have a look. It’s great for 50+ singles in big cities as well as smaller cities due to its massive amount of users.


2. SilverSingles – one of the best dating sites for over 50-year-olds

dating websites for over 50 year old silversingles is another high quality dating site only for people over 50. We also put it on our Top-10 best dating sites in USA list recently.

When you join, you will fill out a personality test which will be used in matching you with the other members on the site. It’s great for all mature singles. No matter if you’re that youngster in your early 50s or a senior, everyone is welcome.

On SilverSingles people are typically looking for either friendship, a relationship or even marriage! If you want to learn more, have a look at our Silver Singles Review! Or join right now:

Try SilverSingles for FREE!


3. EliteSingles – best dating site for professionals over 50

best dating site for over 50

Do you want to meet other educated and/or career oriented singles over 50?

Then is your choice.

85 % of their users are highly educated and it’s full of professional singles. You will meet lots of 50+ and even senior singles on this site (especially if you are located in or near a major city).

When you join this site, you will fill out a personality test which will be used to match you with other users on the site. If you want to learn more, go read our Elite Singles Review.

You can join for free and if you decide to upgrade to a paid membership, you can get started for as little as around 20 bucks per month. But try it out for free at first:

Try EliteSingles for FREE!


4. eharmony – 50+ dating site to find REAL love:

dating site for people over 50

Eharmony focuses on creating deep connections among its members. Therefore it is probably one of the best dating sites for women over 50 who are tired of men’s sexual approaches on the large mainstream sites.

Actually this site has an interesting background:

eharmony was founded by a clinical psychologist in 1997 after counseling thousands of married couples for 35 years. With his clients he saw that when couples matched in certain areas of personality, they had happier marriages. And then he brought these learnings into the online dating world for you to benefit from.

The site is especially popular among people in their 20s, 30s and 40s looking for their “first marriage” in hopes to start a family. But, there are lots of 50+ and even senior singles on this site.

So, if you truly want to find a deep connection with your future partner, go give eharmony a try. You will start by filling out a personality test:


5. Match – a mainstream site but also one of the best dating sites for people over 50

50 plus dating sites is for singles of all ages above 18. Most of their users probably fall in to the 35-44 age category.

But, it is one of the biggest dating services in America and you will surely find lots of over 50 year old singles there too. You can look for casual dating partners or something long term – pretty much everything goes on Match.

You just register, and you can search for users from their massive database according to location, age, interests and so on.


Other dating sites for 50 and over? Best of the rest:

There are tons of smaller niche dating sites for singles over 50 if you want to narrow down to a certain group of people.

Here’s a few picks if you want to go check them out:

  • – this one is for Jewish singles of all ages (also lots of 50+ singles on it)
  • – lots of Christian singles over 50
  • – a dating site for black singles over 50 (it’s not massively popular so you might have better selection on the mainstream sites in our Top 5 list)

We will add more here when we find some. But meanwhile, get started with the big sites before you enter the niche dating sites.

How about Tinder for over 50-year-olds?

If you don’t know Tinder, it’s the dating app which all the young people are using these days for hooking up. But, for 50+ singles, Tinder is a bit quiet. Dating sites work better.


7 quick tips to succeed on the 50+ dating sites:

If you have just recently entered the ”single market” and it’s been a while since you’ve been dating, it might be useful to go through a few quick tips:

#1: Is 50+ dating for me?

There are probably more 50+ singles out there than ever in the history of humankind. Both women and men. And actually – in the 50+ age category, the dating sites tend to have an even 50/50 split between men and women. Usually in the ages 18-35 men are the majority on all dating sites and apps (usually it’s around 60-70 % of men on each dating site and app).

And another (not so) fun fact: According to this research, divorces among over 50-year-olds have DOUBLED since 1990. So there are plenty of 50+ singles out there.

And 50+ dating is not just about finding a romantic relationship. Many people are just looking for new friends or people to chat to online about common interests.

So yes, 50+ dating is for anyone who wants to communicate with other people over 50.

#2: Online dating is like real life communication (Especially 50+ men out there, remember this):

This one is especially for you men over 50 out there. Remember that when you chat online, you are talking to real people with real feelings. Often some people might forget this and then they write things which would never dare to say face to face.

Don’t say what you wouldn’t say in real life to a woman. Avoid those sexual comments on your first message if you don’t want to scare the woman away.

#3: Set up a nice dating profile & photo

Fill out your profile properly. Remember to keep it “light” and not too serious. Give an overview of what you are all about – your interests, your personality and who you are hoping to meet. No need to open up about EVERYTHING. Think of your profile as a movie trailer which tries to create interest in the viewer to see the whole thing.

And remember to add a photo (or several). These days it’s very hard to get any chatting going on if you don’t have a profile photo.

Use fresh photos (and not the 20-year-old photo where you were 75 pounds lighter with no wrinkles)! You want to keep your profile honest and realistic.

#4: Ask yourself if you are ready to date or not:

Are you still going through a painful break up or divorce? Or have you been widowed recently?

Sure, you can look for friends online to chat and share experiences to help heal from your past experiences. You don’t need to be fully ready to date again on these above mentioned 50+ dating sites.

But if you go on a real romantic date, in hopes to find new love, you need to focus on the future and positivity rather than looking back at your divorce or other bad experiences.

#5: Security advice when dating over 50

This tip is relevant especially in the world of 50+ dating. There have been many stories where a online scammer seduces an older person and then scams a lot of money from them. So, never ever believe any sob stories if someone is asking you to send them money. Usually these scammers live in some other city or country as you do (because then they can make up an excuse why they can’t just go for a coffee with you).

Just NEVER EVER send any money to some person you met online.

#6: Go on a first date rather quickly

Datermeister does not recommend falling in love on the internet. You simply can’t know who is typing the messages on the other side of the screen. We recommend keeping the communication rather general and fun online and trying to get on a real date as soon as you “click” with someone.

Go in a neutral place such as a cafe or a bar and NOT into some private area or to someone’s home. Don’t stress too much about it. Just go for one coffee and see how it goes.

#7: First date failed? Don’t quit!

Online dating can be full of surprises. That handsome gentleman you were chatting with arrives at the cafe 50 pounds heavier and 20 years older than his profile photos suggested.

Or the person is completely different than what you imagined while chatting online. Or someone didn’t even show up.

Anything can happen.

So don’t take it too seriously if your first date(s) fail. Just keep at it, meet new people with an open mind and eventually you might hit the jackpot and even fall in love again.


Online dating sites are awesome places to find new love or just new friends.

Just one general rule of thumb for choosing the right dating site for over 50-year-old singles:

If you live in a smaller city, it’s usually better to use the massive mainstream sites with the most users. If you’re in a bigger metropolitan area, you can also find lots of users near you on the more “niche” dating sites such as EliteSingles or ChristianMingle.

What kind of experiences or challenges do you have when dating as an over 50-year-old single?

Datermeister wants to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below. Right now. Ok? No? Ok.


Let’s make dating great again & all the best,



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