dating apps like tinderDatermeister gets it, you’re frustrated with that soul-sucking app.

So are there dating apps better than Tinder out there?

Many people are asking this question.

…so we put up a list with the 9 best Tinder alternatives in 2019.


Before you go and try other apps like Tinder, it’s good to know why Tinder didn’t work out for you.

At the end of the article there’s 5 possible reasons why it didn’t work (and how to avoid the same mistakes on these other dating apps).

But let’s get to the Top-9 list first:

1. Bumble – probably the best app like Tinder

apps like tinder

Bumble works pretty much the same way as Tinder:

You swipe left and right, and if there is a match, communication may start.


On Bumble the woman has to send the first message. And if the first message is not sent within 24 hours of the match, the connection is lost forever.

So Bumble encourages its users to actually start a conversation.

Bumble is probably the closest Tinder competitor as it’s also heavily focused on photos and the left/right swiping thing. But recently they have introduced some updates on their profiles which encourage people to actually get to know the person better. Therefore it’s also a good dating app for serious relationships.

  • Available for: iOS (Apple App Store) / Android (Google Play Store)


2. EliteSingles – best Tinder alternative for 30+ successful singles

tinder alternatives

Are you around 30 or over? And highly educated? And looking for something a bit more serious?

Then check out Elite Singles.

It has quickly become one of the best dating sites in America. It’s primarily a dating site but they also have an app these days which is available for iOS and Android smartphones. But when reading the Elite Singles reviews on the App stores, it’s better to use the website version – it works better.

Elite Singles is basically the complete opposite of Tinder. When you join, you fill out a personality test which will be used to match you with other members. It’s actually quite an interesting test which will help you in focusing in the right things when looking for a relationship. is the perfect alternative to Tinder if you’re looking for other ambitious and successful singles.

Start by registering at


3. Badoo – one of the most popular apps like Tinder:

best tinder alternative

Another popular social network especially for younger people in their late teens and early 20s.

It is a dating app like Tinder in a way that they also have a like/dislike swiping system. But you can also browse for other people’s profiles nearby your location. Or people you have bumped into. Apparently it follows your geo-location and gives matches if you have crossed paths with another Badoo user.

Badoo is one of the best Tinder alternatives if you are young and looking for something not too serious.

  • Available for: iOS / Android / Website


4. Happn – another location based Tinder alternative

apps better than tinder

Do you ever have those moments out there in the real life when you have eye contact with someone cute but never dare to approach them?

Happn App was made for those moments. It is location based and will give you partner suggestions according to the ones you have

Happn might work well in big cities such as New York or Los Angeles. But the app is simply not SO popular that it would have a lot of users in smaller cities. But, you could give it a try.

  • Available for: iOS / Android


5. Zoosk – a good dating app like Tinder if you want a relationship

best alternatives to tinder

Zoosk is a massively popular dating app for “serious daters”. As they mention in the Google Play store description:

“Zoosk is a relationship app with one goal—to help people connect, talk and find romantic love.”

It’s one of the best Tinder replacements if you’re looking for a serious relationship.

You can also search for users according to location, religion, education, body type and so on. They also have a matching system called “SmartPick™” which gives you partner suggestions according to your personality.

  • Available for: iOS / Android


6. Coffee Meets Bagel – a bit more serious alternative to Tinder:

free dating apps like tinder 2019

CMB is a Tinder equivalent for people who are looking for something a bit more serious.

As their slogan goes something like “We create meaningful connections”.

They will not allow you to endlessly browse for profiles but you will receive matches every day at noon.

This actually slows down your brain a bit as you have to concentrate a bit on the matches you have. It is a proven fact that too many choices makes us humans miserable (=Tinder). It is better to focus on quality rather than quantity when you do online dating and browse through other singles profiles.

  • Available for iOS / Android


7. Hinge – the relationship app to replace Tinder:

tinder competitors

Hinge has an awesome slogan:

“Designed to be deleted”.

If you’re looking for a bit more meaningful connections, Hinge could be the Tinder alternative for you. Their goal is to get you on real dates. And not just endlessly swipe around photos and have superficial “conversations” as you encounter on apps like Tinder.

Hinge matches you with other users who are similar to you and helps in getting the conversation started.

Hinge is not massively popular (compared to mainstream apps and sites like Bumble and Match) but it’s a app worth trying if you live in a big city.

  • Available for iOS / Android


8. POF – gazillion users = one of the best dating apps like Tinder:

dating app like tinder aka Plenty of Fish has been around for ages.

This dinosaur of online dating now has an app too – very similar to Tinder. You can swipe left and right for users and see all your matches for free.

But, as it’s a massively popular site with tons of users, you might have to go through some fake profiles and scammers. But other than that, it’s good. You won’t run out of profiles any time soon.

And it’s completely FREE.

  • Available: iOS / Android / Website


9. – massive amounts of users and therefore a good alternative to Tinder:

tinder alternative and replacement

If the quality of matches on POF gets too low, Match is another good alternative to Tinder.

Although when you read Match reviews on the Appstore, most people are complaining that you need to pay before even getting properly started on this app.

But, Match has massive amounts of users as it has been operating since the late 1990s, probably around the same time as Tinder’s founder was born. It is definitely one of the best dating sites out there and therefore their app will give you lots of profiles to browse (if you are ready to pay).

Match is a mainstream site for singles of all backgrounds – it’s also one of the best dating sites for over 50-year-old singles.

  • Available for: iOS / Android / Website


5 possible reasons why you’re looking for Tinder alternatives

It’s good to know WHY you are not meeting the people you hoped to meet on Tinder.


When you can recognize a problem you can then try to fix it.

1. Tinder is only good for these groups of people:

  • Very good looking men – let’s say, the top 5-10 % of the male population (in looks).
  • Women

Ok, it’s not quite so simple – many women are not happy with Tinder either. Possibly because many men right-swipe them but then they don’t start conversations or go on dates so actively. Women get a lot of attention on Tinder (46 % of women get right swiped according to this study – compared to just 14 % of men). It’s just a continuous cat and mouse race where no one gets no one.

2. Tinder has tons of people who are already in a relationship

One study a few years ago suggested that 42 % of Tinder users are already in a relationship. So it has also become a way for some people to cheat on their partner – or purely to just “test the waters” and see if the grass is greener on the other side.

3. Tinder is for ego boosting

Another group of people who might make your Tinder experience unsuccessful are the ego boosters.

They are not particularly looking for real dates but just shots of dopamine for their brain to feel good for a short moment. When you get a match and messages from other people, you get these short moments of pleasure, right?

But the ego boosters are addicted to always getting new matches and possibly doing some dates and one night stands. They always return to the app to seek for something a bit better, and more exciting.. nothing will be ever good enough.

So if you are looking for something more meaningful from your dates, it’s definitely worth looking at the other more serious apps like Tinder.

4. Tinder’s algorithm does not show you well enough?

You know how Facebook algorithm shows you the stuff you like – or whatever political agenda they want to brainwash the people with?

Tinder kind of works in the same way – they have certain algorithms which means that your profile might not be shown to many users. And you won’t even know this. Therefore a good alternative to Tinder is a site where you can search for users yourself.

Our guess is that it depends on your ”score” in the algorithm. Many things could affect this score such as:

  • if you swipe everyone right, it’s bad (you don’t have standards for your partner)
  • if you don’t get ANY right swipes, it’s bad (time to pimp your profile)
  • if you get blocked by many users, it’s bad (write some nicer messages)
  • if you are a paying member or not
  • ..and who knows what other factors are involved.

Tinder has a lot more men than women. Let’s say that a man right swipes EVERY woman on his screen. The algorithm might think that you don’t have any criteria for your women and you’re not to be taken very seriously = your profile will be shown to less women.

On many dating apps like Tinder you can browse and search for users yourself and not be on the mercy of Tinder’s algorithm.

5. Your profile is not good enough

Ok, let’s not blame everything else than ourselves.

Every human is good enough to find love but your Tinder profile might just not be good enough. You need great photos and something interesting or funny in your profile text. People spend possibly less than 1 second on your profile so you need a STRONG first photo.

Actually it is the same thing on many of these apps like Tinder, such as Bumble or Badoo. People make a decision of swiping right in probably less than a second. If you’re looking for apps which are more about the personality, then you’d want to try Hinge or for example.


To conclude this article, here’s a few things to remember:

  • Don’t take Tinder or other similar dating apps too seriously – they are just games for many people
  • Try a few of these Tinder alternatives from above (the ones which suit your desired demographics)
  • Also, don’t forget the offline dating world (yes, it’s still possible to open up conversations out there in the real life)

Now it’s your turn:

Why did you ditch Tinder? What is YOUR favorite Tinder alternative and why?

Leave a comment below.


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