best places to meet singles in columbus ohWhat are the best places to meet singles in Columbus, Ohio?

It really depends on your imagination because there are unlimited places to meet someone.

..but on this article you will find 7 practical tips and tricks for all Columbus singles to meet new people.

It’s a mix of nightlife and everyday life and for singles of all ages = something for everyone:

1. Best dating sites in Columbus? (Forget that app that starts with a T)

First things first:

Dating apps such as Tinder are surely the trendy thing to do for singles but people don’t seem to be happy with the results they are getting with it. Most users are there just to play around.

meet singles in columbus ohSo which are the best dating sites in Columbus? Here’s a couple of good sites to get started:

  • – a good mainstream dating site for Columbus singles of all ages
  • – great site for 30+ singles who value a higher education and/or focus on career from their future partner.

Or check out our list for the best Tinder alternatives in 2019.

Or if you’re over 50: best dating sites for over 50-year-olds.


2. Best nightclubs for singles in Columbus, Ohio?

What are the best nightclubs for hooking up or just bumping into other singles in Columbus?

That often depends on what kind of music you like and what kind of crowd you are after but here’s a couple of options:

Bullwinkles (1770 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201): especially good for the younger singles in Columbus. Cheap drinks, a packed dance floor and pretty much everyone is there to hook up.

Puckers (5200 Riding Club Ln): good food, happy hour drinks through the night, especially good for black singles in Columbus!

Spain Night Club (6136 Busch Blvd): usually crowded (open only on weekends), a latino club with great atmosphere to drink, dance and mingle.


3. Best singles bars in Columbus?

If you’re a Columbus single over 30, you might not want to go to the same clubs you went to in your 20s.

One good option is to do some bar hopping in the Short North / Arena district. If you don’t meet cool people in the first bar, just move along to the next one (it’s good to have a wingman or woman who is also on a mission to meet new people)!

Here’s a couple of more laid back bars that are good for singles to mingle:

16 Bit Bar & Arcade (254 S 4th St): a fun bar with good drinks and old skool arcade games. It’s not only gamer nerds straight outta their mom’s basement but regular men and women having a good time.

House Beer (843 N High St): a great place to meet young professional singles in a friendly atmosphere with great beers (and other drinks).

Bar Louie (504 North Park Street): great happy hour every weekday (also Friday) until 9pm (at the time of writing this). Good for after work drinks and to strike up conversations with other people.


4. Live music & stand up comedy (great for 30+ singles in Columbus)

If standing around in bars is not your thing, there are at least 2 good activities in the Columbus nightlife we can recommend to all singles:

First: live music events are great places to meet other like minded singles (when it’s not just a random cover band but your favorite artists). If you get touched by the same type of music, that can be a good foundation for a relationship.

Secondly, Columbus has a good stand up comedy scene. When people are having some drinks accompanied with (hopefully good) jokes, it’s much easier to get into conversations with other people. Stand up shows tend to be really good for the 30+ singles.


5. Meet fit Columbus singles at gyms or other fitness related hobbies

A complete opposite to the nightlife is meeting singles who are into fitness.

Pretty much everyone these days goes to the gym. They are great places to get your face out there. There’s a thing called the mere exposure effect in psychology which basically means that the more you see someone’s face (on a regular basis) the more you start liking them – and vice versa. This is usually also the reason why so many people fall in love or have a secret crush among their work colleagues.

And you don’t just see new people, you will get fitter and stronger – both physically and mentally. Improved self confidence is of great help when looking for a partner.


6. Speed dating and other singles events in Columbus

Have you sometimes chatted with someone really nice online for a few weeks but once you got on a real date, there was no chemistry whatsoever?

With speed dating you’re not wasting any time – you have a few minutes to talk to each “candidate” and you will often get a good understanding of who that person is during those minutes. Often we humans can rely on our intuition, gut feeling or whatever you want to call it. If it feels right, it usually is pretty good.

Point being:

Speed dating can be very time efficient especially for the busy Columbus singles out there who see normal dating very slow paced and too “formal”.

Keep an eye for all singles events in Columbus and attend them all! There are tons of active singles going in different kinds of events and get togethers.


7. Meetups & other networking events (expand your social circles)

If you don’t feel like going to singles events (some find it awkward going to an event with basically a “SINGLE” sign on your forehead) just start going to any new networking events.

It could be related to your hobbies, interests or work. Surround yourself with like minded people and you will get new friends and acquaintances. And who knows if you hit the jackpot straight away?

Most couples still today in 2019 meet through common friends so it’s definitely a good idea to just expand your social circles when you are single.



So, there are tons of places to meet singles in Columbus, Ohio.

To start meeting new people and potentially your future partner, it just often requires a mindset update. As they say, if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

So, step outside your comfort zone, get active in new things and you should be on your way to crushing your single status in no time.

Any tips or experiences to share regarding the Columbus singles scene? Please do write a comment below.


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