elite singles reviews usaHere comes Datermeister’s Elite Singles review for the US version of the site.

So, what’s this dating site all about..?

Is it only for the bold and the beautiful?

Do you have to own a Lamborghini or a yacht to get in?

How much does EliteSingles cost?

We’ll get to those and many other answers in just a moment.

So let’s go – here’s 9 things you need to know about EliteSingles.com:

1. Is Elite Singles legit? Datermeister’s reliability check:

Many people ask Mr Google things such as “elite singles scam” or “is elite singles legit?” and we get it:

There’s plenty of dodgy dating sites in the world of online dating so you need to be a bit careful.

First, let’s have a look at how much this website gets organic traffic:

According to unbiased internet tools, the EliteSingles.com website gets a steady 1+ million visitors per month:

elitesingles.com review 2019
Screenshot from Similarweb.com’s statistics for EliteSingles.com

Now that’s a lot of professional singles in one place.

It’s of course not as popular as the massive mainstream dating sites in the USA such as Match.com and POF.com (which get tens of millions of visitors each month). But Elite Singles is a niche site for “high achievers” and should not be directly compared with the mainstream sites.

EliteSingles.com is run by a company called Spark Networks Services GmbH which runs dating sites in 20+ countries worldwide. Actually one other popular dating site from these guys is Silver Singles which is popular among 50+ singles. Or another one from the same company is JDate.com which is a popular dating site for Jewish singles.

Short answer: Yes, Elite Singles is legit and it’s safe to make payments to (if you eventually buy a paid membership).

Join EliteSingles.com for FREE!

2. Elite Singles requirements? Are there any?

Many people are wondering what are the requirements to be “elite” and to join this site.

Well, the only official requirement to join is a minimum age of 18 years.

There is NO requirement for your income, you don’t need to own that yacht, you don’t need to have a PhD and so on.


It sure will increase your chances of meeting someone special on this site if you have a higher degree of education and/or you are a career oriented “high achiever”. Over 80% of the members have a University degree.

3. Who is Elite Singles good for – and to whom not?

In general, Elite Singles is a dating site for: professionals and educated singles who are looking for a serious relationship. Gay, bi or straight – everything goes.

The main idea of the service is that the personality test (which you fill out upon joining) is used to match you with suitable partner candidates.

And how old are the members?

After our intense investigations for this Elite Singles review, we have come to a conclusion that it is especially good for two main age groups:

1. Over 30-year-old educated and/or career oriented men and women who still want to start a family:

Studies show that couples with the same level of education form longer and happier relationships. So it is definitely a good idea to look for singles who have a similar background as you have. EliteSingles has a lot of educated singles over 30:

elite singles review US
Screenshot: EliteSingles.com

You will find single parents as well as singles who are still hoping to start their own family.

As you might know, these days singles tend to delay starting a family well into their 30s. And this is especially the case among highly educated people.

So if you’re 30+ and still want to get kids, you should definitely check out EliteSingles.com.

2. Over 50-year-old singles

Then there are the singles who are often on their second round of dating:

Many 50+ and 60+ singles have divorced after a long marriage and are now looking for a partner who has similar interests and values as they have. Elite Singles has tons of smart and active 50+ singles so don’t hesitate to join if you’re in this age group.

Read also: 5 Best Dating Sites for Over 50-year-olds!

And who is it not good for?

We would not recommend Elite Singles for people in their 20s (if you’re looking for a partner of your own age). There simply isn’t many users in that age group and the overall atmosphere is a bit more mature.

Also if you’re only looking for hook ups, you will most likely not succeed on EliteSingles. People here are looking for more meaningful connections. If you’re only looking for sex, you’ll get frustrated with the long joining process anyway. More about that next:

4. When you join EliteSingles.com, there’s a personality test:

When you join the site you fill out a personality test. (just click HERE to open the site in a new window, join and start filling out the test)

It is based on the Big Five Model of Personality traits (Wikipedia) and it will help in matching you with other singles who are (or at least might be) compatible with your personality.

It’s an interesting test which might even help you get some new thoughts on what to focus on when looking for a long term relationship and even marriage.

There are also questions referring to the “elite” status of the site such as your education (and what level of education you expect from a partner):

is elite singles legit
Screenshot from EliteSingles.com personality test

…and your yearly income (and how important your partner’s income is to you – in other words, if you want your partner to be a big earner):

elitesingles.com review 2019

But most of the questions are regarding your personality and your values in life.

After you are done with the test, you can straight away fill out your dating profile. It’s  easy to fill out as you just answer quite specific questions. You won’t have to stare at a blank text field and get stuck with not knowing what to write.

5. Main features of the Elite Singles site – this is how it works:

So once you’re in, the fun can begin:

EliteSingles is a very straightforward dating site where you can start connecting with other members with the following 2 main features:

1. Matches:

Under the “Matches” you will see the members who were matched to you. You can browse for these profiles and send them a “smile” or directly a message. Sending smiles can be a good ice breaker for women but for men, it’s better to take initiative and send her a message.

You can’t really search for other members from a massive database as you can on mainstream sites. You can only search (filter) among YOUR matches:

elite singles review usa

Some find this a bad thing but Datermeister thinks it’s actually a good thing.


We have an abundance of choice in this modern (digital) world, right? We have so much of  entertainment, information and dating profiles on Tinder to swipe through that it is never enough. There’s a good book on this topic called The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz. This abundance of everything is making humans miserable.

Anyway, the point being:

EliteSingles gives you only a handful of new matches per day which forces you to actually concentrate on the few options you have. If you go to a bar, you don’t jump around every 5 seconds to a new person but you take your time to chat at least a few minutes with each person you meet. Quality over quantity.

“Have you met?” feature:

This feature gives you profiles of members which you did not directly match with but might be interesting to you. The site will give you these profiles one by one and you can then either “like” or “dislike” the profile. The liked profiles will be added to your Matches. You can then approach them with a message if you wish to do so.

But if you want to see all profile photos and send messages on EliteSingles, you have to pay:

6. Elite Singles prices

How much does Elite Singles cost?

It is a bit more expensive than the average dating site.

But this is quite expectable as the site is targeted for educated professionals who don’t hesitate to pay for a premium service.

During the making of our EliteSingles.com review, the prices for the membership were as following:

elite singles cost

So from left to right:

  • Premium Light (3 month membership): $37.95 per month (Total: $113.85)
  • Premium Classic (6 month membership): $21.95 per month (Total: $131.70)
  • Premium Comfort (12 month membership): $19.95 per month (Total: $239.40)

Disclaimer: This is not official and up-to-date information. These prices might be different at the time you join the site.

So the best deal is either the 6 or 12 month membership as you will get all features of the site.

Payment methods:

  • Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club)
  • PayPal

Remember: your membership will be continued automatically if you do not cancel it separately. So remember to cancel it when you have found a partner or you don’t use it anymore.

But, before you have to pay anything, try it for free:

Join EliteSingles.com for FREE!

7. Elite Singles App vs. website

EliteSingles.com was originally founded as a dating site. Therefore it works the best when you just join by browsing to their website (it works smoothly on your computer, tablet and smartphone).

But, of course they have a Elite Singles App these days. It is available for both Apple and Android devices.

However, when reading Elite Singles reviews on the Appstore and Google Play Store, it seems that you will still have a better user experience when using the site through the web browser. This is a common problem with datingsites who have afterwards built an app on top of their website.

You can start with the web version and later on download the app if you want to try it out.

8. Elite Singles reviews from around the web (let’s go through the negative ones):

We had a peek on some forums and review sites online about what people say about EliteSingles.

Many have found a partner, no question about that.

But let’s have a look at the negative reviews because they are what usually interest people.

There’s 2 main complaints that seem to be repeating on various review sites:

“There are not enough matches”:

This can be a problem in smaller cities as EliteSingles works best in big metropolitan areas such as LA, New York City, Chicago and so on. Another thing to remember is that this is a niche site after all. They don’t and they won’t have massive amounts of singles as the mainstream sites and apps do. Remember that you only need to meet that 1 person who is Mr or Ms Right for you.

“Wtf! EliteSingles renewed my membership automatically!”:

This one has annoyed some people and created some complaints about EliteSingles on the review sites.

As mentioned earlier on this review, EliteSingles renews the membership automatically as is mentioned on their payment page:

elite singles review scam
Screenshot from EliteSingles.com payment page.

Just remember to cancel the membership if you do not wish to continue it.

9. Elite Singles vs. its competitors (eharmony, Match etc.)

Who are Elite Singles’ closest rivals in the online dating world?

Many people type in Google “elite singles vs eharmony” and “elite singles vs match” so here’s our quick overview how these two differ from EliteSingles.com:

  • eharmony: this one is quite similar to EliteSingles as they also have a personality test when joining the site. They have more users but they are not as focused on the educated and “high achieving” singles as Elitesingles is.
  • Match.com: a massive mainstream site with millions of users. Match doesn’t really focus on any niche but they have people from ALL backgrounds.

If we compare the website traffic of each of these 3 sites, the numbers look like this: (visitors per month):

  • EliteSingles 1.2 million
  • eHarmony 5 million
  • Match.com 30 million

So it depends what you are looking for. For a mainstream site with the most users, you would start with Match. But if you want a premium dating service, EliteSingles.com is your choice.


So if Elite Singles is any good for YOU or not, here’s our final recommendation how to proceed:

Option 1:

If you are around 30 or over, highly educated and/or career oriented, AND you’re looking for something a bit more serious, it’s definitely worth trying. So, join now for free: EliteSinges.com.

Option 2:

If you are younger – in your 20s – and/or looking for one night stands or other less serious adventures, you will have better success on other sites. Go and start on our Top 10 dating sites list to find a site for you.

And if you already have experiences with EliteSingles, please do leave a comment below!


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