meet singles in memphis tnSingle in Memphis? Datermeister knows a thing or two about that – it sucks!

There are concerts you want to take that special someone to, and how about those nights when you just want someone to spoon? It’s hard being alone in such a vibrant city!

The good news is that there are ton of singles in Memphis who want the same thing as you – and Datermeister is here to help you find them.

We’ve got a bumper guide to the 7 best places to meet singles in Memphis for you, and we’ve also got lots of killer tips and tricks to help you out.

Ready to find your next romantic partner? Let’s go!

1. Best nightclubs for Memphis singles

Love to dance?

Now’s the time put your best dancing shoes on and meet someone on the dance floor!

Get grooving, get shaking – and get kissing.

Don’t be afraid to dance with someone you fancy. Get into rapport with them – flirt with them, grind them and get their number.

Then, wait a day or two before texting them to set up a date. It can be that easy as long as you stay cool and positive.

Here are the best 2 nightclubs for Memphis singles:

Classic Hitz (1027 E Brooks Rd, Memphis, TN 38116): Okay, here’s the scoop – Classic Hitz has a bit of a cheesy name, but it’s still a great place to meet hip and happening young singles in Memphis. It’s got DJs, great drink offers, and it’s even got a swanky VIP area. Wear your best clothes, grab some friends and get dancing.

Wild Bill’s (1580 Vollintine Ave, Memphis, TN 38107): For when you want to get wild at the weekend, you can always count on Wild Bill’s. This is the place people go to when they want some mad fun, and be warned – they’re not shy. Have a few drinks to loosen yourself up and see what’s what on the dance floor.


2. Best Bars in Memphis For Singles

Not a massive fan of loud clubs?

If you think the chances of you meeting your soul mate in a club are zero, you don’t want to stray too far from the nightlife. This is where the Memphis singles scene is and you need to get involved.

Bars are some of the best places to meet singles in Memphis because they’re quieter than clubs, but they’ve still got that light atmosphere that you need.

Just take a pal along with you and see if you can get chatting to some new people.

A good idea is to pick a fairly busy bar and share a table with a group of people that look hot for talking to you guys.

Here are the 2 best Memphis singles bars:

Bar DKDC (964 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104): This is a super cool cosmopolitan bar that sells cocktails and street food – you can’t go wrong with that winning combination! All the hip singles go here in search of good conversation and the occasional live band. The bar also has a photo booth – perfect for when you hit it off with someone and want to pull funny faces!

The P and H (1532 Madison Ave, Memphis, TN 38104): This joint has got that chilled out vibe that you need when you’re looking to meet someone. It’s also got pool tables, which gives you a chance to challenge a sexy single to a game of 8 ball in order to break the ice. Don’t forget to include a fun forfeit! (how about “if you lose, you’ve gotta give me your number – and if I lose I’ve gotta give you my number”?!)


3. Concerts or Stand-up Comedy Shows Are Especially Some of the Best Places to Meet Singles in Memphis

Wanna ride the train home with someone new? Memphis is the birthplace of rock ’n’ roll, and it’d be almost rude to meet your next romantic partner anywhere other than a concert!

If you happen to love live music, you’re in for a treat. Not only is there a live band playing every single gosh darn night here in Memphis, but pretty much everyone is so obsessed with music that all you’ve got to do is rock up to a venue, catch someone’s eye, dance with them a bit and ask if they fancy a drink.

Concerts are especially useful for Memphis singles over 40, but as long as a band you love is playing, you need to get on out there.

Comedy hasn’t got the same association with Memphis as music has, but singles in Memphis still love to laugh. And although they might not be hitting the comedy clubs with the express purpose of meeting someone new, you can still chance you arm.

Why? Because the laughs and drinks are both flowing, and everyone’s in a fab mood. All you’ve gotta do is ease your way into a conversation with someone and ask if they want a drink. Then, once the show is over, you can move the chat along.

And the best thing? Already you know that your next partner has a sense of humour. SCORE.

Here is the best comedy club in Memphis:

Chuckles Comedy Club (1770 Dexter Rd, Cordova, TN 38016): Being pretty much the only comedy club in Memphis that puts on regular shows means that Chuckles always has a large audience in attendance. And this, of course, increases your chances of meeting a hot single. The Chuckles Comedy Club is also located in one of the best Memphis neighbourhoods for singles.


4. Best Places to Meet Memphis Singles Online

memphis singlesPicture it: It’s hump day and you’re broke until the weekend. No concerts, no comedy clubs and no bars for you.

More to the point, no opportunities to meet singles in Memphis. Sucks to be you.

What you could do to kill the time is join a dating site and meet new people that way.

“Tried it!” you might protest. “I’m on Tinder and it’s rubbish. I chat to people but as soon as I ask to meet them, they ghost me.”

We agree – Tinder is no good. People see it as a game.

If you want to make a genuine connection with someone and meet up with them, try these 2 sites instead: This dating site is free to register and easy to use. Once you’ve got talking to someone you really like the sound of, you do have to pay to see their full profile. But it’s totally worth it because anyone who pays for these sites is clearly taking this dating thing seriously. Memphis is full of hot singles with brains. But where are they all?! Many of them are on Elite Singles, a dating site aimed specifically for educated people who care about their careers.

“Sounds good but … I’m very specific and want to meet Jewish singles in Memphis. What do I do?”

We hear you. No matter how specific your tastes are – whether you want to meet Catholic singles in Memphis, Christian singles in Memphis or even an Elvis lookalike – you can refine your search on both Match and Elite Singles.

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5. Gyms Are Great Places to Meet Memphis Singles

Don’t think it’s possible to meet someone during the day?

Join a gym, work out and meet someone at the same time!

It’s all about spreading your wings and exploring your options. Remember, there is more than one way to skin a cat. While bars and clubs are there for you at night, gyms can be there for you during the day.


6. Memphis Singles Events – Or Any Kind of Networking Events

Ever tried speed dating? It’s fun – and surprisingly easy.

It’s also one of the best singles activities Memphis there is. All you do is turn up, have a drink and chat to several people in one night (usually you get 3 minutes with each person).

If there’s chemistry and the other person felt it too, you’ll swap numbers and set up a proper date.

It’s remarkably efficient and you’ll be amazed at how much fun you have!

That said, if a Memphis singles meetup event sounds like too much #pressure, try a normal networking event instead.

Why? There’s every chance you’ll meet new people. Even if you don’t date them, you can turn them into a friend. Over time, they might take you for drinks with their other friends, and you might meet someone you hit it off with. It’s all about expanding your social circle to increase your odds of meeting someone.


7. Learn a new skill (while meeting people with the same interests) or do “hobby dates”

Lastly, you won’t meet someone new if you’re not proactive.

From now on, quit learning a new skill by yourself. Free up some time in your schedule (stop watching Netflix) and join a class.

What are the chances of meeting hot Memphis singles at a class? Very high!

Plus, there’s also lots of opportunities for sexy banter (“I’ll see you after class, Mr/Mrs”)

Okay, we’ll stop before this gets out of hand …



OK, singles in Memphis – Datermeister has done our bit.

Now it’s over to you.

Quit the excuses and start putting yourself out there.

Ditch Tinder, hit the bars and clubs and find creative ways to meet that special someone!

And above all – have fun while doing this.

Have we missed something out when it comes to Memphis singles? Leave us a comment below!


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