mesa singlesSo what are the best places to meet singles in Mesa, Arizona?

Or do you have to drive over to meet the Phoenix singles?

Not necessarily.

We will list 7 tips on this article for you to get started with dating in Mesa, AZ.

1. Best nightlife spots to meet Mesa singles?

You can have a fun night out right in Mesa – whether you’re in the hopes of getting laid or even finding something more serious. Check out for example these nightlife spots to meet singles in Mesa:

Denim & Diamonds (at Sun Valley Plaza: 7336 E Main St, Mesa): they claim this place is the most fun you can have with your boots on. A massive (mostly) country music club to dance, drink and meet new people for the 21+ crowd!

Lucky Lou’s (1929 N Power Rd #103, Mesa, AZ): a laid back pub to eat, drink and have fun while meeting new people.

Fiesta Bar & Grill (1644 S Dobson Rd): great Mexican food and when the plates are empty and it’s past dinner, it’s time to drink and mingle. Also karaoke and live music nights!


dating in mesa az2. Best dating sites in Mesa? (Forget Tinder!)

It’s time to abandon Tinder if you seriously want to find a date.

Tinder has become some kind of a game to collect matches and kind of test your sexual market value.

So if you want to actually meet new people in Mesa, you should check out the good old dating sites. Check out our Top 10 best dating sites list or have a look at these two: – great site if you’re highly educated and around 30 or over. Tons of smart and attractive singles straight out of Mesa, AZ. – if you’re over 50, this is the site for you.

..or check out our oven fresh list for the best Tinder alternatives in 2019.



3. Gyms are good places to meet singles in Mesa

Gyms are definitely good hot spots for singles in Mesa and anywhere in the world these days. If you don’t already go to the gym, here’s a couple of reasons to get started now that you are single:

  • You get fit – both physically and mentally. Increased confidence is of big help in the dating scene!
  • You will start seeing new faces on a regular basis. Maybe next time you see that familiar face in the nightlife and then you have a good reason to go and talk to them.

If you don’t like gyms, try yoga or meditation or some other more social fitness related hobby.


4. Stand up comedy shows are packed with 30+ single men and women in Mesa

There’s actually a decent amount of comedy clubs in Mesa, AZ. They are great places to meet especially singles over 30. As alcohol is often involved in stand up shows, it is a perfect place to talk to other people during the breaks and after the show! A few drinks and good jokes make wonders to the sociability of us human beings.


5. Singles events in Mesa, AZ

There’s not a ton of singles events in Mesa (you might have to go to Phoenix for them) but keep an eye out for speed dating or different kinds of singles meetings through Or if you’re looking for other christian singles in Mesa, see if the local churches have some interesting social gatherings.


6. Use Facebook groups to find hobby partners

Be sure to join all kinds of local Facebook groups which are related to your hobbies or interests. Keep an eye out for someone looking to connect. If it’s a tennis related group, maybe someone is looking for a new partner to play with?

Or if you’re into learning new languages, you can find a language tandem partner. Often international students or professionals want to do language tandems to learn either English or Spanish and in exchange they can teach their own language in a fun and relaxed café 1on1 meeting. And who knows if you’ll be speaking the language of love with each others later on?


7. Cold approaching on the streets of Mesa?

Do you sometimes see that cute man or woman in the supermarket or on the street and you would love to get to know them? But there’s no way in hell you dare to go and talk to them?

Next time you see someone interesting, just go over and ask them a neutral question. Like if they know of a nice cafe in the area to get some laptop work done. Or just ask what time it is (your phone battery is dead). And that’s it. No need to ask for a number or make awkward compliments or pick up lines. Now repeat this 5 times. And make sure it’s the demographic group you’re looking for (as a partner). This is a soft way to start and you expect no romantic energy from the interaction. Maybe the other person keeps the conversation going. Maybe they end up asking you on a date? Just get over the “phobia” of starting conversations with random people in public places.


Conclusion on dating in Mesa:

Basically you can meet someone anywhere in Mesa. You just need to keep your eyes open and be ready for those small talks which might lead to anything..

So when at the gym, keep your eyes off the smartphone screen and earplugs out of your ears. Go to networking events and join a couple of the more serious dating sites in Mesa.

With the right mindset you will see a big boost in your dating life!

Any tips for other Mesa singles? What are the best places to meet single men or women in Mesa?


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