best places to meet singles in milwaukeeAttention ALL Milwaukee singles!

It’s come to Datermeister’s attention that far too many of you are doing the dating game wrong …

… Going to the wrong places, using the wrong apps and meeting the wrong people.

The result? Each week, the number of singles GROWS.

The good news, of course, is that this means you’ve got more to choose from.

The even better news? Datermeister has put together a bumper article on the 7 best places to meet singles in Milwaukee.

We’ve also got lots of tips to help you kill your single status with a few cocktails and some sweet moves.

Let’s go!

1. Best nightclubs for Milwaukee singles

There are lots of singles in Milwaukee. And when the sun goes down, they come out to play. Are you game, too?

The Milwaukee singles scene is alive and kicking in the nightclubs. However, to make sure you’ve got a chance of getting someones number, you need to do the right things.

Pro tip: Conversation isn’t what seals the deal in a club. It’s too loud for that. What seals the deal are the things you do before you even say “hi” to someone. There are a few steps involved:

1) Be confident as you make your approach

2) Smile!

3) Have good posture

4) Keep your conversation short and sweet. Something like “you’ve got some smooth moves!” is often all you need.

Eventually, move in for a kiss. And before you leave – exchange numbers before texting the next day.

Now that you know what do do, here are the best 2 nightclubs in Milwaukee:

SITE 1A (231 E Buffalo St #1a, Milwaukee, WI 53202): SITE 1A is an industrial dance club that pumps out house, techno and rave music to revellers in search of a good time. It’s got VIP tables, DJs and lots of sweet drink deals.

Mad Planet  (533 E Center St, Milwaukee, WI 53212): This alternative rock club is really one for the Milwaukee singles over 40 who want to relive the glory days. It’s got a real retro vibe to it, lots of friendly people, and the DJ’s play some of the best rock music there’s ever been. And when a power ballad comes on? By gosh, make sure you’ve got someone to dance with!


2. Best Bars in Milwaukee For Singles

Find it impossible to meet new people in nightclubs?

Perhaps clubs just aren’t your thing?

No problem, but you don’t want to stray too far from the Milwaukee nightlife as this is where the hot singles are.

Bars can be quieter than clubs and they’re among the best places to meet singles in Milwaukee.

However, there are a few things to be mindful of:

1) If the person you fancy is totally immersed in conversation with their friends, do not interrupt. Assess the situation and pick the right moment

2) Make sure there’s a spark before you offer to buy someone a drink

3) Say “hi.” That’s your opener there – that’s ALL you need

With that in mind, here are the 2 best Milwaukee singles bars:

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge (1579 S 9th St, Milwaukee, WI 53204): It’s got a bit of a hipster vibe to it, but if that’s your thing, this cocktail palace should become your mecca. It’s like a magnet for sexy people, and it’s also located in the best Baltimore neighbourhood for singles.

Blu (424 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53202): If you’re a classy person who wants to meet an equally classy single, Blu is for you. It’s not cheap but it’s super stylish. It’s also on the 23rd floor, which means the views are stunning. Oh, and live jazz music plays in the background while you chat to someone new!


3. Concerts or Stand-up Comedy Shows Are Especially Some of the Best Places to Meet Singles in Milwaukee

Are you a music lover? Would you love to meet someone who’s as passionate about your fav bands as you?

Then get yourself to some concerts!

Live music gives us all a massive hit of dopamine, which puts us in a good mood. And when we’re in an ace mood, we’re more open to vibrating with new people.

All you need to do is choose a good position where there’s lots of hotties nearby. Then, look confident, smile and dance.

If you catch someones eye, wait for a song to finish before introducing yourself. Don’t be too direct but see if they want to dance with you!

Once the show is over, offer to buy them a drink in the bar.

Comedy clubs are also great places to meet new people. Again, everyone is in such a good mood thanks to the show, and they’re usually open to chatting to new people.

Just grab some friends, book a table and see if you can get talking to a cutie sat at the table next to you.

And if you’re lucky enough, you might even share a table with someone you like!

Here is the number 1 comedy club in Milwaukee:

Bonkers Comedy Club (1721 W Canal St, Milwaukee, WI 53233): Whether you meet a new romantic partner or not, you’re always guaranteed lots of laughs at Bonkers! Their brand new Laugh Out Loud All Star Comedy series is well worth checking out every second and fourth saturday of the month.


4. Best Places to Meet Singles in Milwaukee Online

When the clubs are shut midweek and you can’t convince a friend to go to the bar with you, what do you do? Watch Netflix … or work on your online dating game?

Online dating gives you more options and there are lots of hot Milwaukee singles just waiting for your message.

Pro tip: Avoid Tinder (it’s just a game) and try these 2 sites instead: Match is probably THE best site for pairing you up with someone you make a genuine connection with. It’s free to register and there are a tonne of profiles for you to browse. Wondering where all the sexy lawyers, professors and doctors are? They’re on EliteSingles, a dating app aimed specifically at singles who want someone with brains and a good career!

“But Datermeister, I wanna meet Catholic singles in Milwaukee – what do I do?”

The great thing about both and is that they allow you to refine your search. Whether you want to meet Catholic, Christian singles in Milwaukee or even Jewish singles in Milwaukee, you can easily do it on these sites.


5. Gyms Are Great Places to Meet Milwaukee Singles

milwaukee singlesIf you’re into health and fitness, you’ve got lots of places to meet Milwaukee singles during the day. Gyms, yoga classes and even meditation classes should NOT be ruled out!

Why? Well, why not meet someone while you’re working on your health?!

Moreover, you’re guaranteed to meet someone who cares about their health and fitness as much as you do.

It works like this: Gyms, yoga and meditation classes are filled with regulars. Once you become a regular, you will start recognising people … and you can start making small talk.

Pretty soon, you’ll be making new friends.

And it won’t be too long before you’re asking someone out.

Not just this, but gyms give you a chance to work on your body, get in shape – and boost your confidence. And these are prerequisites for dating.


6. Milwaukee Singles Events – Or Any Kind of Networking Events

Speed dating anyone?

Speed dating is one of the most popular Milwaukee singles activities. It’s fun and efficient.

If you’re a bit apprehensive about it, here are some tips:

1) Smile

2) Stay away from serious convo subjects

3) Drink alcohol but don’t get drunk

4) Sell yourself – be funny, personable and confident

The first 1 or 2 people you talk to might be tricky, but once you’re up and running you’ll soon settle down!

There are lots of speed dating events – as well as Milwaukee singles events in general – going on. Just keep checking the right websites and book your place!

Download to keep abreast of all the other Milwaukee singles meetup’s going on, too.

And if you feel as though a singles event is too weird, why not try a regular networking event? Okay you might not meet your next soulmate, but you can expand your social circle. And as most couples still meet through friends, a wider social circle is a must.


7. Learn a new skill (while meeting people with the same interests) or do “hobby dates”

Lastly, maximise your chances of meeting someone new even more by learning a new skill.

All you have to do is pick something you’re interested in – it could be cooking, life drawing, languages and so on – and join a class.

Classes are great because you will meet lots of new people. And even if you don’t meet your one true love, you’ll definitely make new friends. And as mentioned above, a wider social circle is a must.



When it comes to meeting hot singles in Milwaukee, it’s ALL about putting yourself out there on the Milwaukee social scene.

Whether you want a wild cat who loves to dance, or whether you want a studious single with a PhD, this can totally be done.

So buy a new outfit, smile and go introduce yourself to people!

Have we missed something out when it comes to Milwaukee singles? Leave us a comment below!


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