best places to meet singles in minnesota, minneapolisWhat’s up Minnesota singles?!

Datermeister has heard that Minnesota is packed with hot singles right now …

The problem is that you’re still having no luck. Whether you’re going to the wrong places or doing the wrong thing, your single status is still in tact.

Not cool!

In this article, we’ve put together a bumper guide on the 7 best places to meet singles in Minnesota.

They’re out there and waiting for you. All you need to do is be prepared to put in a bit of effort.

Grab a friend too because this is gonna be a ride!

Let’s go …

1. Best nightclubs for Minnesota singles? Here’s a couple:

Is it possible to meet your soulmate in a nightclub? Totally!

For one thing, if you get up close and personal with someone in a club, you already know that there are fireworks between the two of you. Forget the small talk for now, you dig each other’s bodies.

For another thing, people meet their future partners in clubs all the time!

Take a friend with you, dress up, have a few drinks and hit the dance floor.

Once someone’s caught your eye, waste no time – move in as soon as you can and let everyone else know that this person is yours tonight. If you don’t do this, you can be sure someone else will!

Then, just dance and exchange numbers when the time is right.

Here are the two best nightclubs in Minnesota:

Ground Zero (15 SE 4th St, Minneapolis, MN 55413): Ground Zero takes a while to warm up, and the later you get here the better. After midnight, however, the hottest Minnesota singles in town hit the dance floor. The sound system here is fab, as are the lights. It’s also a horror themed club so be prepared to don your best sexy scare face!

Aqua (400 N 1st Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55401): If you want to get someone’s number and your friend just wants a good time, Aqua is the place to go. It’s hip, it’s sexy and there’s always a party going on.


2. Best singles bars in Minnesota:

minnesota singles barsFeel a tad too old for nightclubs? No problem, but you want to stay within the Minnesota singles scene as much as you can.

It doesn’t matter what day of the week it is, singles in Minnesota are always hitting the bars after work. Fridays are the best times to catch them because everyone is more up for a good time.

That said, you can chance your arm any day of the week. There’ll always be someone to talk to.

Approaching people isn’t easy if you’ve never done it before but all you really need to do is smile. Once you’ve smiled at someone, you’ve as good as broken the ice.

There’s no need to go in heavy with an amazing chat up line, either. Go in soft with a simple observation about their clothes or hair. Or maybe start with a compliment.

If you’re super duper nervous, strike up conversations with people you don’t fancy first. This will give you some confidence and it will show you how receptive people are to talking to new people.

The main thing is that you’re positive and funny from the start.

Here are the 2 best Minnesota singles bars:

Psycho Suzi’s Motor Lounge (1900 Marshall St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55418): This is a really fun bar that comes complete with tiki decor. It’s Polynesian-themed and even has a riverfront patio. How romantic would it be to get to know someone out there?!

TILT Pinball Bar (113 E 26th St #110, Minneapolis): Pinball is a fab Minnesota pastime, and this joint has over 20 Pinball machines. Getting to know someone over a game of Pinball is great because the game helps to fill in those silences and stop things getting too awkward.


3. Concerts or stand-up comedy shows – great ways to meet Minnesota singles

Is live music a passion of yours? Bet you’ve never even stopped to think that you could meet someone at a concert …

Sometimes we’re so caught up in the music at a gig that we don’t see that hottie trying to dance with us.

Or maybe we totally ignore them because we want to focus on the music. This is our fav band, dammit!

From now on, you need to see concerts as a chance to meet people. Because hot Minnesota singles go to concerts too, and they want to dance with you.

Better still, they share your taste in music!

So open your eyes, check people out and don’t be afraid to ask someone for a post-concert drink.

Comedy shows are good places to meet new people, too. Especially useful for Minnesota singles over 40, comedy shows are full of people who are looking for a good time.

All you need to do is round some friends up and book a table.

You literally never know what can happen. You might end up sharing a table with a group of cute friends, or you might get chatting to someone in the smoking area.

Here is the best comedy club in Minnesota:

The Comedy Corner (1501 S Washington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55454): As well as stand up shows, this place hosts plenty of open mic nights each week. There’s always something going on, and there’s always a fun crowd. It’s also located in one of the best Minnesota neighbourhoods for singles.


4. Best online dating sites to meet singles in Minnesota? (Forget Tinder!)

singles in minnesotaWe get it – perhaps you’ve tried online dating and it didn’t work.

Online dating does work, however. If it didn’t, why are so many people meeting their future spouses online?

The key to online dating is quitting Tinder (it’s just a game people use for validation).

Then, you need to work on your profile. Ask your friend to pick 5 photos of you (they know your best photos) and work on your bio. Don’t write too much but write enough so as to sell yourself to the right person. Make your bio positive, engaging and even a bit humorous.

Then, check these 2 dating sites out: Match is super popular with singles in Minnesota because it’s easy to use and there are lots of cute singles already on there. More are joining all the time, too! Have you always wanted to date a lawyer, doctor or a professor? Elite Singles is the only dating site that’s dedicated to educated singles who want to meet someone with a good career. On this site you can meet someone who has both brains and beauty!

And if you want to meet Christian singles in Minnesota or Catholic singles in Minnesota, both these dating sites allow you to refine your search.

Or read our list for the 10 best dating sites!


5. Gym, yoga, meditation or other fitness related activities = good ways to meet new people

Wish you didn’t have to go to bars and clubs all the time to meet people?

Gyms are among the best places to meet singles in Minnesota.

Like yoga and meditation classes, they serve a dual purpose. As well as helping you get in shape and thus growing your confidence, gyms are populated by regulars.

This means that, over time, you can familiarise yourself with the same people. This gives you a chance to build rapport, it even gives them a chance to ‘miss you’ when you’re away for a week – and it gives you some time to build up to the date request.

So join a gym or yoga class, get fit, make friends – and make dates!


6. Singles events + other networking events in Minnesota? There’s plenty:

One of the best things about is that it regularly hosts Minnesota singles meetup events. is another great app you could download to stay in the loop in regards Minnesota singles events. These events work because everyone is there for the same reason as you and are on a mission to meet someone that night. As long as you’re confident and dressed smartly, there’s no reason you can’t succeed.

Speed dating events are worthy trying too, but if they sound like too much pressure, check out your local church if you want to meet Christian singles in Minnesota. Churches often have social events of some kind, and you never know who you might hit it off with!

It’s the same with regular networking events. While no one goes to these to meet their soulmate, you can easily extend your social circle. And who knows who you might be introduced to?! Remember, most couples still meet through friends.


7. Learn a new skill while meeting like-minded people

Learning a new skill and feel pretty good about it?

Bet you’d feel even better if you could learn a new skill and meet someone new.

Well, if you join a class that’s exactly what you can do!

‘But Datermeister, I have no time to join a class!’

We can all make time for love. All you need to do is sign up to a class and be friendly. The chances of you meeting your next partner in the classroom are super high!

And you’ve got an instant conversation starter – that thing you both learned today!



Minnesota singles are out there.

To meet them, you just need to be proactive and put more effort in than you have been doing so far. It’s that simple.

If all you do at the moment is hit the bar scene once a month, it’s time to go once a week and finish off with a club now and then.

Become a regular at the gym, sign up to the right dating sites and meet people at concerts.

This can be done!

Have we missed something out when it comes to Minnesota singles? Leave us a comment below!


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