best places to meet singles in new york cityOn this article you will learn where and how to meet singles in NYC.

New York City has over 8.5 million people of all colors and backgrounds – and a big part of them are single!

So let’s start the process of crushing your single status:

Here’s Datermeister’s Top-9 best places to meet singles in New York City:

1. Best nightclubs to meet singles in NYC?

We need an article to list all the best clubs for the New York singles but here are a couple of ideas for you:

Output (74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249): if you appreciate a great sound system, DJ’s and you want to dance, go to Output! No pretentious posing – just dancing and having a good time (while possibly bumping into new people!)

Good Room (98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY): another good Brooklyn location for people who want to drink, dance and mingle. 2 different areas with 2 separate DJ’s. Good for EDM and Techno lovers.


2. Best singles bars in New York City?

If you’re into the loud nightclubs but prefer more chilled bars, here’s a couple of options:

Houston Hall (222, 4846, W Houston St): a big beer hall with good food and sports on TV. Relaxed atmosphere but still sophisticated and a good place to meet other singles!

Bronx Alehouse (216 W 238th St, Bronx, NY 10463): if you’re a woman and looking for that bearded beer enthusiast, this could be your choice for the night. Great food, big selection of beers and the party does not stop until 4am (7 days a week!)

Just take a wing(wo)man or two with you, do some bar hopping and you will have pretty good chances of meeting nice singles out there!


3. Live music events (even better than bars?)

If you’re not into standing around in bars, keep an eye on your favorite bands and artists schedules. Whenever they’re playing in NYC go and see them. You’ll have a room or concert hall full of your soul mates so it’s easy to get the conversation or flirt started at the bar or in the crowd.

There’s even a dating & friend seeking app which matches people according to their music taste (it’s called Tastebuds). So music can truly connect people especially in a city like NY.


4. Stand up comedy shows (good for especially NYC singles over 30!)

Good jokes + alcohol = lots of tipsy people who are open for meeting new people.

There are tons of stand up comedy events – big and small – in New York. These events are great especially for the NYC singles over 30. There’s usually an event split between men and women in the crowd so these can be awesome places to meet other NYC singles. Just keep your eyes and ears open during the breaks and after the show.


5. Learn a new language or other skill (while meeting new people)

NYC is a melting pot of different cultures. If you have ever thought about learning a new language, listen up:

You can find language tandem partners where you just meet in a cafe or a bar for 1 hour at a time and teach each others your own native language. Now, this does not mean that you will be speaking the language of love together later on but who knows? There’s many international exchange students or expat professionals who are single in New York and want to meet locals!

Or you can attend language courses where there’s a classroom full of people with the same interest as you have. They are usually fun and relaxed events and easy to get new friends.

Or you might want to learn any new skill. Maybe it’s related to art, dancing or whatever. Just make sure that the event or course has other people in it too so you have the chance to meet other people.


6. Gyms are one of the best places to meet singles in NYC

Gyms are definitely one of the best places to meet singles in New York City these days:

Pretty much all active singles especially in their 20s and 30s go to the gym, yoga, meditation or similar fitness related hobbies. Therefore they are great opportunities to put your face out there, get new acquaintances and maybe even a date?

nyc singles

See, when you are single, exposing your face regularly at different places is important. There’s this psychological thing called the mere exposure effect. In short: the more we are exposed to the same things or people, the more we start liking them – and vice versa. That’s why so many people fall in love – or at least have a secret crush – with their work colleagues.

And of course you will get fitter and healthier. This gives a big boost in your self confidence (which is needed now that you are single!)


7. Meeting NYC singles online? Avoid the dating apps & use these sites instead:

The photo based dating apps such as Tinder will make you just miserable. People are there just swiping around without any intentions on going on dates. So forget about them.

The real magic happens at the traditional dating sites. We have an article for the best dating sites in NYC but here’s our 2 recommendations for you to get started right away:

  • – great for NYC singles of all ages (18+) who want to actually talk to singles and go on dates!
  • – a great site for educated and/or career oriented singles (especially for over 30-year-olds)

They’re free to try so give it a shot.


8. Attend singles events in NYC – especially speed dating:

There are tons of singles events in New York and you should take advantage of them too.

One great way to meet several people in one night is doing speed dating. Often just a few minutes is enough to decide if you want to go on a real date or even consider a relationship with someone. In New York there is for example which organizes speed dating events with different themes such as “Jewish singles in NYC”, “Singles with College Degrees” and so on..

But, if you don’t feel comfortable going to singles events, just attend “normal” networking events – keep reading:


9. Meetups and other networking events

What are you interested in life? Maybe it’s entrepreneurship? Marketing? Meditation? Hiking? There are literally thousands of groups on and on Facebook where you can surround yourself with like minded people. Join the groups and attend the meetings whenever possible. Maybe you meet someone special or you find new friends.

Most couples still today in 2018 have met through common friends (and not Tinder!). So now that you are single it is definitely worth it getting to know any new people.



In the most populous city in the US, it should be easy to meet new people..

..but you might agree that it’s still difficult to find that special one that you “click” with.

The main thing Datermeister – the master of the dating universe (kind of like He-Man if you’re old enough to remember him) – would like to leave you with, is the following:

Just get active, force yourself out of your comfort zone by doing new things, start new hobbies, try the traditional dating sites, go to networking events and so on..

Then you will have much higher chances of hitting the jackpot in this complicated game of love & relationships.

Good luck!

PS. What are your favorite places to meet singles in NYC? Leave a comment below!


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