best places to meet singles in seattleWhat are the best places to meet singles in Seattle, WA?

That really depends on who you are and what you are interested in. And then just surrounding yourself with like minded people.

But here’s 7 semi-awesome tips for you to start meeting other Seattle singles right now:

1. Best nightlife spots to meet singles in Seattle?

Nightlife is a good place to forget the work stress, meet friends and maybe hook up. Here’s some tips to the Seattle nightlife:

Foundation Nightclub (2218 Western Ave #100): a great 21+ nightclub for all EDM lovers in Seattle. 3 bars, 2 VIP areas – lots of potential to meet new people.

Havana (1010 E Pike St, Seattle, WA 98122): A piece of the Caribbean right in Seattle. Especially on weekend nights the going gets hot and moist on the dance floor.

Sam’s Tavern in Capitol Hill (1024 E Pike St): great burgers, beer, friendly people. Just don’t eat yourself lazy – you need to meet some new people. And Sam’s is a good place to friendly people especially on a Friday or Saturday night.

On a general note: take a wingwoman or man with you, do some bar hopping and you will have a good chance in meeting some nice singles!


2. Live music & stand up comedy events = great for Seattle singles over 30

When you go to a concert of your favorite bands or artists you have a hall full of your potential soul mates. Music touches our emotions and if your soul reacts to the same music, that’s a great start for a relationship (or even a one night stand – whatever you are looking for).

Or how about stand up comedy shows? If that man or woman next to you is laughing at the same jokes as you, a couple of beers later it’s easy to engage in a conversation with them. During the breaks or after the show people are in a good mood!

There are plenty of comedy clubs in Seattle such as Comedy Underground or Laughs Comedy Club.


3. Forget dating apps – the good old dating sites are where the magic happens:

It’s time to forget the soul sucking world of the dating apps where people are just endlessly swiping left and right, having meaningless conversations (if any) and never ending up on a date.

We have 2 recommendations for you to get started:

  • – a great allround site for all Seattle singles over 18 years of age but it’s especially good for singles over 25 and even 50+ singles in Seattle.
  • – if you are around 30 or over, with a University degree or just career oriented, this is your site

They are free to try so just log in and see pictures and profiles of your fellow Seattle singles!


seattle singles
“Excuse me.. could you spot me? – Yes ma’am.”

4. Gyms are one of the best places to meet singles in Seattle

There’s two good reasons to start going to a gym (or other social fitness hobbies such as yoga, boxing classes, dancing or meditation):

Reason 1: You will get healthier and fitter. Good levels of confidence is definitely a good asset when you are single and dating!

Reason 2: You will start seeing new faces on a regular basis. Do you know why so many people have a crush on their work colleague? We see them so often – simple as that. There’s a scientific explanation to this too and it’s called the mere exposure effect. The more we are exposed to some things or people the more we start liking them. When you see people at the gym regularly, it’s easy to engage with them in conversations and maybe eventually ask on a date!


5. Singles events & speed dating in Seattle

There are several different types of singles events in Seattle which you could attend. You can either find these groups on Facebook or (the latter has one big group called “Seattle Singles”).

Speed dating is another great and efficient way to meet many new people on one night. You usually chat with one “candidate” for a few minutes and afterwards you can say who you liked and then you will find out if you “matched” with someone (both liked each other).

There are at least a couple of speed dating events in Seattle every month so keep an eye for example on’s speed dating events!


6. Meetups & other networking events in Seattle

If you don’t feel comfortable going to “singles only” events, just attend any networking events around the things you are interested in.

It could be some hobby groups or professional topics such as marketing or entrepreneurship or just general socializing groups where people meet for drinks every now and then. Check out or some local Facebook groups.

These groups are not particularly for hooking up with singles but who knows? When you are single it is definitely worth networking as much as possible and enlarging your social circles. New friends can possibly introduce you to someone special later on…


7. Cold approaching on the streets of Seattle..? Yes, you can do it too:

You know that feeling when you see someone beautiful and interesting on the street or in the supermarket but don’t dare to approach them?

There is a soft way to start practicing the skill of cold approaching.

Next time you see someone in the demographical range which you are looking for in a partner, go and ask them a simple and neutral question. Like, what time is it or if they know a nice place to have lunch in the area. No awkward compliments or asking them out for a date. Just a neutral question. Then repeat this 3 times. On the next day, do it again. Get those repetitions in and soon you will become more comfortable in approaching women or men anywhere. This is also good for women because usually women don’t want to approach men in a direct way (showing romantic interest). Just ask a neutral question and if the guy is awake and interested in you – he might ask YOU out!



So if you want to crush your single status, now it’s time to take massive action. Start doing new things in your life:

Start new (social) hobbies, go to networking events, join a couple of the traditional dating sites and keep your eyes and ears open wherever you go (don’t close yourself in your headphones and your smartphone screen like a zombie).

Good luck!


What do you think is the best place to meet singles in Seattle? Please do leave a comment below.


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