best places to meet singles in fresnoAnd on this episode of Datermeister’s diaries, we look at the best places to meet singles in Fresno, California.

Do you feel that everyone good is already taken and that it’s hard to meet other people in Fresno..?

Well, it’s a big city with over 500 000 people so there are definitely singles out there no matter how old you are.

So, here’s our 7 tips for you Fresno singles out there:

1. Best nightclubs to meet singles in Fresno?

If you’re in your 20s or you’re of any age and love dancing, it’s best to hit some clubs in Fresno. Choose the ones which are a bit more down to earth where people are more open for conversations with new people.

A couple of good clubs to mingle for Fresno singles:

Switch Lounge & Nightclub (5665 N Blackstone Ave #110): great club especially for the younger crowd (18+) to hook up or just have fun with old and new friends.

Aldo’s Nightclub (617 W Belmont Ave): a great place to have a fun night dancing and drinking. Just check their schedule which theme they have for the night and decide if it’s something for you or not.

If nightclubs are too loud for your liking, keep reading:


2. Good Singles bars in Fresno? Check out these:

Bars are great pick up joints as everyone is tipsy and you can actually hear other people talk. Here’s a couple of bars that have been known to gotten singles laid (if that’s the goal):

Strummer’s: they have live music on some nights, and some nights it’s just a regular bar night. Located in the Tower District where you can do some bar hopping in several places if you don’t see any “talent” out there..

Standard Restaurant & Lounge (9455 Ft Washington Rd): for a bit more mature and sophisticated taste, Standard has food, cocktails, VIP bottle service, and on the weekend nights the party continues all the way until 2 am.


3. Concerts are great to meet like minded singles in Fresno

Is music an important part of your life? If it is, one great way to meet other Fresno singles is to go out on every live music event you can. Especially if it’s your favorite band or artist that is stopping by in Fresno, you should definitely go.

It’s like a hall full of your soul mates who share the same music taste as you have. It’s much easier to start a conversation than just in a normal bar or nightclub atmosphere.

Or standup comedy shows go in the same category – they are also good ways to meet singles in Fresno. Alcohol and jokes have already loosened up the vibe so it’s easy to get the conversation going.


4. Attend meetings and get togethers (expand your social circles):

Do you meet the same friends, same colleagues every day and week?

If you want to get rid of your single status, it’s a good idea to start meeting just ANY new people.

Many couples have met through common friends or acquaintances. So think also about the long term benefits of meeting just any new people. Look at some Facebook groups or look for networking apps such as Just pick something you are interested in and attend their next get together!


5. Meet fit singles in Fresno (gym, yoga, boxing class, meditation..?)

Many singles go regularly to the gym so if you are not going, you are missing on one place to meet singles in Fresno. And it’s not just the gym – it could be group boxing classes, meditation or a breakdance class – all typical singles activities in Fresno.

fresno singles scene
Spot me bro.

You will have 2 big benefits of starting a new fitness related hobby:

  • You will get fitter, healthier and you will start feeling more confident
  • You will start seeing new faces on a regular basis (and maybe that future partner of yours?)

Yoga classes are naturally full of women. They are often open for men as well but be careful guys. Women can sense if you are there just to pick up women. Be interested in the actual yoga, play it slow and after a few weeks of gaining the trust of your fellow female yogi’s, they’ll be fighting over you.


6. Best dating sites in Fresno? (Forget Tinder!)

If you want to find something serious – maybe the love of your life – we recommend avoiding nightlife and Tinder. Surround yourself with people who have similar interests as you have.

On dating sites you can easily browse through Fresno singles and see who you “match” with. But what are the best dating sites in Fresno? Here’s a couple of ideas:

  • is a free dating site which has tons of Fresno singles
  • is a great place to meet over 30-year-old professional singles in Fresno!

Just try one or two of them. And remember to set up your profile properly (you will get MUCH more interaction with other singles!)


7. Approaching random people on the streets of Fresno? This is how you get started:

Sounds a bit awkward, right?

..approaching someone in broad daylight? Not many can pull this off but here’s one thought for you if you think you could never do it:

You can just start practicing by going and asking small and neutral questions from unknown people like asking for the time (your phone battery died), asking if there’s a nice place to have lunch in the area etc. If the other person is friendly and not just passively answering your question, try to keep the conversation going.. then ask for a number.


We’ll just leave you with this:

Even though we listed several places to meet singles in Fresno, it is mostly about your mindset if you want to meet someone. It could literally happen anywhere – just keep your eyes, ears and all senses open and be ready for having conversations with new people.

Get active with new hobbies, start meeting new people and eventually you will hit the jackpot.

What are the best places to meet singles in Fresno in your opinion? Leave a comment below!


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