Best places to meet singles in AustinSo, what are the best places to meet singles in Austin, Texas?

There are literally thousands of places..

..but more importantly, it’s more about your mindset when you want to start meeting new people in Austin (or wherever).

So, here’s Datermeister’s 7 tips to meet Austin singles – it’s a good mixture of nightlife and just normal daily life so make sure you read them all:

1. Best Clubs to meet singles in Austin? Here’s a few good ones:

A great all-round nightclub to meet singles in Austin is The Rose Room. They have different areas for dancing and also quieter areas to get the conversation going. Bottle service and VIP’s also available.

If you want a more down to earth nightclub to dance and meet new people, then check out Kingdom. It’s a great place for electronic music fans who appreciate a good sound system and talented DJ’s. Drinks are also reasonably priced and the general atmosphere is not too pretentious!

But if the nightclub scene is not your thing, keep reading:


2. Best singles bar for 30+ singles in Austin?

Not in your 20s anymore? If you want to meet some singles in Austin over 30 years of age, you’ll usually find them at the slightly more calmer locations. Here’s a few options for you:

  • The Roosevelt Room is great singles bar for a bit more mature crowd in downtown Austin’s historic warehouse district. On Friday and Saturday nights it gets the busiest (when it’s also the best for meeting other Austin singles) and on some nights you can also enjoy live music!
  • Spinners Bar & Grill is a great place to get some heavy food and beer in your system and meeting some 30+ and 40+ singles from Austin.
  • Stubb’s is another great singles bar in Austin – they have a BBQ and live music in an outdoor setting. The atmosphere is very down to earth and therefore good for meeting new people.


3. Live music events, standup comedy?

If you’re not into the traditional nightlife where you just stand around with a drink in your hand, there’s more:

A similar music taste is a great start for making new friends or even finding love. If your favorite artist or band is stopping by in Austin, go to their concert. There’s a lot of good smaller live music venues in Austin where you can meet other singles. Check out for example this venue guide for Austin where you’ll find all the upcoming live music events.

And don’t forget standup comedy nights if you like a good laugh. During the breaks and after the show it’s easy to get into conversations with other people.


4. Meet active singles in Austin (start going to the gym, yoga or other “social” fitness related hobbies)

Meet Austin SinglesThis tip is actually backed by science:

There’s this thing in social psychology called “mere exposure effect” – it basically means that when you see the same faces on a regular basis, you start to like each other more. So when you go to the gym, yoga class, meditation (or whatever is trendy at the moment), you are basically doing groundwork for meeting someone.

You might start seeing someone cute at the gym, eventually you say “hi”, then it leads to small talk and who knows if it eventually leads to a date.

If you’re single, join a gym (or get active at your old gym again) or some other group activity such as boxing class, crossfit or maybe a running group?


5. Attend courses according to your interests to meet like minded singles in Austin

This is backed by common sense and also studies regarding the happiness of relationships between men and women. People who are similar – in regards of values and interests – form longer lasting and happier relationships.

The point is:

Surround yourself with people who are interested in the same things as you are. In Austin you’ll have plenty of choice. This could be through some courses – you could learn a new language, learn to paint or dance – pretty much anything. Now these are not exactly singles’ events but you never know who you meet. You might just get new friends and then get to know someone through them..


6., Speed dating – any networking event where you can meet new people in Austin

Attending a speed dating event in Austin can be an efficient way to meet many women or men during one night. Often our intuition is right when making any decisions in life and this applies to dating as well: in just 5 minutes you can have a clear idea if you can imagine getting into a relationship with a person or not.

Or if you don’t feel comfortable going into singles events, just start going to ANY networking events in Austin where you can meet new people. Many are single but don’t want to make a big thing about it (like attending singles events) but they want to just meet people in a neutral environment and see if they click with someone. So: is a good way to find networking events from pretty much any topic or interest. Maybe you find new friends and eventually they can introduce you to your future love!


7. What are the best dating sites for Austin singles?

If you want to find a meaningful relationship, it’s best to forget the photo based dating apps such as Tinder or Bumble. You will get better results at the “traditional” dating sites where people actually want to go on dates and are more serious about dating.

Dating online is also the best places to find Austin singles over 40 or 50 years of age (the slightly older age groups are probably the quickest growing people on online dating sites).

So, what are the best dating sites in Austin? There are plenty of good ones according to who you are and what you’re looking for. But here’s our 2 quick picks:

  • Good old has tons of Austin singles (especially singles over 30)
  • has become popular among singles with a University degree

Go and try them out – they’re free to join.



Austin has almost 1 million people and hundreds of thousands of singles. If you’ve been single for a longer time, it’s definitely time to start breaking your everyday patterns and habits. As they say, “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”.


Get active with new or old hobbies or interests, keep your eyes open at the gym, start attending all kinds of events in the Austin area and join the above mentioned dating sites.

Any tips to share with other readers? What are the best places to meet singles in Austin in your opinion? Leave a comment below.


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