Best places to meet singles in DallasWanna know what are the best places to meet singles in Dallas?

Datermeister has gathered the ultimate starter guide for the Dallas singles to get some action in their love life.

It’s not just tips for nightlife or Tinder but we want to expand your mind into thinking about all kinds of new ways to meet new people.

So, here’s 7 ideas to meet singles in Dallas, Texas:

1. These are probably the best club to meet singles in Dallas:

Looking for the best hookup bars in Dallas? Or why not for something more serious – after all many have found their wife or husband in the nightlife.


To meet new people in Dallas, it’s better to hit the bigger clubs in town where you have several different areas – to dance and to talk with people in a more quiet area. One of the best clubs in Dallas to meet new people are for example:

  • It’ll DO Club: great place for dancing, very casual atmosphere (open only on Saturday night!)
  • Masque: a more posh and glamorous atmosphere with great cocktails and a rooftop area for a low enough music volume to talk with people


2. Cozier bars to meet singles over 30 in Dallas?

If you’re not in your 20s anymore or you’re just not into the loud nightclubs, there are plenty of pubs and bars in Dallas to meet other singles.

One good option is The Londoner which is a English style pub. It’s open every day until 2 am and especially on the weekend nights you’ll have a proper party atmosphere when it’s easier to strike up a conversation with new people. A good selection of drinks for all tastes.

Another good singles bar in Dallas is Craft and Growler – also plenty of beers and a friendly atmosphere!


3. Live music is a surprisingly good way to meet new people in Dallas

Similar music taste can also connect people to each other. There’s even a dating app called Tastebuds which allows you to find new friends or even a new partner according to their music taste.

So if you enjoy live music, go out every time your favorite artist stops by in Dallas. It’s much easier to get into a conversation with new people when you already one thing in common – you like the same kind of music.

A couple of locations in Dallas which you should keep an eye for:

  • House of Blues, 2200 N Lamar St
  • Trees Dallas, 2709 Elm Street
  • AT&T Stadium (to see the big names)


4. Meet sporty singles in Dallas (gym, martial arts, meditation..?)

One of the best places to meet singles in Dallas is definitely all the gyms, yoga and meditation studios (and whatever is trendy at the moment).

But not so fast:

Picking up singles at the gym doesn’t usually work as straight forward as in the nightclub – it requires time and patience.

There’s a thing in social psychology called the mere exposure effect. It basically means that when we humans see something repetitively, we start liking it more. This applies to new faces we see regularly.

When you go to a gym several times per week, you start seeing same faces out there. Maybe you see someone cute and you go for the “hello”. Next time you might bump into each other in the lobby and start talking.

The third time you might talk more, and then it’s also natural to go for the “would you like to go for a drink some time..?”


5. Attend courses – find singles in Dallas with similar interests

It’s a proven fact that people with similar interests (and values) make up better and longer lasting relationships.

So, what are you interested in? Could there be a course or a social event around that topic?

If you want to learn a new language, attend a language course. How about learning to cook thai food? Or to paint or play an instrument? Attend some courses or events and you are one step closer to meeting new people – maybe it’s just new acquaintances but even they can some day introduce you to your future husband or wife. Think of the long term benefits of meeting new people!


6. Attend different events or go speed dating in Dallas

Meet singles in Dallas, TexasIf you’ve been single for a while and feel that you’re stuck, it’s a good idea to just start meeting any new people.

One good way to meet new people in Dallas is through They have a website and an app which allows you to browse what events and meetings are going on in the Dallas area. often has groups which are dedicated to just networking and for people who have just moved to Dallas and are looking for new friends.

Speed dating is also a good way to meet many singles at the same time. Usually intuition works really well when meeting new people – often 5 minutes is enough to have an idea if you get along with a person or not.


7. Best online dating sites and apps in Dallas?

Have you tried Tinder without the success you hoped for? You’re not alone.

For many singles dating apps are just a “game” and a way to measure their sexual market value and get some entertainment in their lives. Therefore if you seriously want to meet someone, it’s better to have a look to the more “traditional” dating sites.

So what are the best dating sites in Dallas? That depends on who you are and what kind of people you’re hoping to meet. But here’s our 2 quick-tips:

  • Great mainstream site for all singles over 18 years of age:
  • Awesome site for over 30-year-old singles in Dallas with a degree:



Meeting new people in Dallas or anywhere usually requires you to go outside your comfort zone. If you keep on doing what you’ve done so far, you’ll keep getting the same results.

So break your everyday patterns, get active with new hobbies and activities, enlarge your social circles, use normal dating sites and not just Tinder, and you should start getting some action in your love life.

Now it’s your turn: what are the best places to meet singles in Dallas? Leave your 2 cents below in the comment section.


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