meet singles in el pasoAre you single and live in El Paso, Texas?

Not for long – get ready to get your single status destroyed!

El Paso – although not the biggest city in the Texas and New Mexico area – has a good combination of younger adult singles in their 20s (thanks to the University of Texas in El Paso) and older, over 35-year-old singles.

Now we just need to find one for you – here are the 7 best places to meet singles in El Paso (it’s a mix of nightlife and normal daily life so something for everyone!):

1. Best nightclubs to meet El Paso singles?

Usually nightclubs are not the beginning of long love stories but if you’re looking to hook up in El Paso it’s better to head out to a club where there is a lot of drinking and dancing involved.

Here’s a couple of places to meet the El Paso singles who are into clubbing:

Club Black Pearl (504 W San Antonio Ave, El Paso, TX): open on Friday and Saturday nights – typically Friday has a bit younger crowd, Saturday more mature.

Little Bit of Texas (5500 Doniphan Dr, El Paso, TX) is another friendly nightclub for dancing, drinking and mingling. Like Ali G says, Check it!

2. Best singles bar in El Paso?

If loud nightclubs are not (anymore) your thing, there’s a couple good singles bars in El Paso.

Legendary Tipsy Tiger (1590 George Dieter Dr): great bar for singles who want to drink, have fun and meet new people. It gets pretty packed during the weekend nights but this actually makes it easier to chat to new people and pick up some singles.

Tap Bar & Restaurant (408 E San Antonio Ave): here you can start your night with food and good beers (or other drinks). Later at night it gets more into a nightclub (but not too) atmosphere when it’s good to pick up some women or men.

3. Gigs & concerts are good for meeting new people in El Paso:

There’s even one dating app which matches people according to their music taste (Tastebuds). This same principle works well in the offline world as well.

If you attend concerts of your favorite artists, you already have one thing in common – the same kind of music taste. It’s much easier to approach someone at the concert rather than just doing a cold approach at a normal bar or nightclub.

Just keep an eye on your favorite artists tour schedules or look for bars which have live music – there are plenty!

4. Gyms + other social fitness activities

Are you into gym, yoga, meditation, boxing – any sort of social fitness activity where you see a lot of new faces? You should consider starting a hobby like this, a couple of reasons:

1. You’ll get fitter and healthier = you’ll also feel more confident and sexy in your body.

2. You’ll start seeing new faces on a regular basis. What’s good about this is that there’s a psychological phenomenon called the mere exposure effect. It basically means that when you see the same faces regularly, you start liking each other more and more. So you don’t have to approach people on your first visit to the gym. Just keep your eyes and ears open and be ready for small talk when you see that cute gym-goer. Or, maybe you meet them in a bar when you go out in El Paso – then it’s easier to get the conversation started – “haven’t I seen you somewhere..?”

5. New hobbies or courses are great opportunities to meet singles in El Paso!

If you’re not into nightlife or fitness, try learning a new skill at some courses or attend some meetups from the field you’re interested in.

Common interests are a great start for dating someone and especially for relationship or marriage. You’re going to spend most of your free time with your future partner so if you have similar type of hobbies and interests, that’s a big PLUS!

You might not immediately meet hot singles on a knitting class but who knows?

6. Best dating sites for El Paso singles?

dating in el pasoHave you tried Tinder? It’s good for playing around and maybe looking for hookups but if you want to find a more meaningful relationship, it’s better to look at the more traditional dating sites where personality also matters.

In El Paso it’s a good idea to use the bigger websites and not go too deep in the “niche dating”. Just join and see if you find something interesting!

Also if you feel that your soul mate is not in El Paso, why not expand your search to other cities as well?

7. Speed dating, singles events – any events! Reason:

Keep an eye out for singles events (through Meetup or Facebook) or speed dating in El Paso.

Or if you feel shy going to an event where you’re basically with a “SINGLE” sign on your forehead, just go to any new events where you can talk to new people. Just start expanding your social circles and who knows if your new acquaintances or friends can introduce you to someone a couple months down the road.

Think about the long term benefits of networking and just expanding your social circles! People always want everything NOW and can’t see a few steps ahead.


Even though El Paso doesn’t offer the same amount of activities for singles as the bigger cities, there still plenty of singles around.

Actually, according to studies, smaller cities are better for singles who are looking for a more meaningful relationship whereas singles in the bigger cities tend to just drift from one relationship to another..

What’s your opinion – what are the best places to meet singles in El Paso? Leave your $0.02 in the comment section.


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