Best places to meet singles in Fort WorthWanna know what are the best places to meet singles in Fort Worth, TX?

Bet you do.

Not to worry – in a city of almost 1 million people, there are tons of singles in Fort Worth in all ages.

..and if you’re a guy, congratulations – Fort Worth, TX has the 3rd most single women per single male in the whole of United States (source).

So, here’s Datermeister’s 7 tips, picks and ideas to meet singles in Ft Worth:

1. Best dating sites in Fort Worth? Time to forget Tinder.

Have you tried Tinder already?

Good experience? Not so good?

Many people are a bit frustrated with apps like Tinder these days. A couple of reasons could be that:

  • Many people on it are already in a relationship and just testing their “sexual market value” on Tinder
  • Many are just boosting their ego and “collecting” matches. They never chat.

But if you go on the good old dating sites, that’s where the magic happens in 2019.

You can search for even Dallas singles online if you want to expand your search a bit outside Fort Worth. Here’s a few of the best dating sites in 2019: – if you’re around 30 or over, highly educated and/or career oriented – this is your site. – a massive mainstream site for singles of all ages and backgrounds. – one of the best dating sites for over 50-year-olds.


2. Best clubs to dance and meet singles in Ft Worth?

If you want to hook up in Fort Worth, it might happen the easiest at a nightclub where there is dancing and drinking involved. Here’s a couple options:

Vice Nightclub (350 W 5th St, Fort Worth): A nightclub for a bit younger crowd & wannabe ballers. It can be good for dancing, drinking and meeting the younger singles in Ft Worth!

Studio Eighty¬†(500 Taylor St, Fort Worth) is good for 35+ singles in Fort Worth who like 80s music. Or for younger guys looking for some slightly longer matured meat aka cougars. They’re open 3 nights per week – on Thursday, Friday & Saturday!


3. Best singles bars in Fort Worth?

If you’re not into the loud nightclubs, there’s plenty of bars to have a good time with friends and on the side meet some new people. Here’s a few picks:

Poag Mahones (700 Carroll St, Fort Worth): this nice and down to earth Irish pub is great for a night out drinking, playing pool or darts, enjoying music and socializing with new people.

The Bearded Lady (1229 7th Ave, Fort Worth): another good place to enjoy craft beers, eat and (especially on Friday & Saturday nights) meet other singles.


4. Live music or standup show’s great ways to meet new people in Fort Worth

Are you a music fan? Music can be a great connector of people and usually at live music events people are a bit more relaxed than in bars and nightclubs where the atmosphere can be a bit more pretentious. When you’re in a concert hall full of people with similar music taste, you’ll have a good chance to meet someone.

meet fort worth singles

If you’re into good old country music, Billy Bob’s Texas is the world’s biggest Honky tonk – right in Fort Worth. But if you’re into a bit more modern stuff, there are live music events and concerts for all tastes.

Or another good way to meet singles are standup comedy nights – people are loosened up with alcohol and jokes so getting to know new people is easy. Check out for example Hyena’s Comedy Night Club if you’re into comedy!


5. Not into nightlife? Try these social fitness activities to meet singles in Ft Worth:

Nowadays pretty much all (at least younger) singles go to the gym, yoga, boxing classes or some new and trendy fitness related thing. These are great places to get your face out there and possibly meet new people in Fort Worth.

You fill not only get fitter and healthier but on the side you might find a date for yourself. But it might take a while. You can’t really approach people like in the nightlife so take it slow. Just keep your eyes and ears open for possible interactions with other people.

..and don’t isolate yourself in your smartphone screen with your earplugs in your ears like a social media addicted zombie.


6. New hobbies, courses & meetings

Do you want to learn a new skill? Maybe it’s a new language, cooking thai food or learning to paint?

These kinds of courses and meetings are great places to meet like-minded and friendly people in Fort Worth. In a relationship you basically spend all your free time with your partner so it’s great if you have shared interests and values.

So, start an old hobby again or start something new which you genuinely enjoy. Be interested in the subject (and guys, don’t make it obvious that you’re there just to pick up women) and on the side – keep your eyes open for some “talent” out there..


7. Attend speed dating or any events to expand your social circles

Keep an eye for speed dating events in Fort Worth. Or other singles’ gatherings possibly through Facebook groups.

If you don’t feel like going in a single event where you are basically mingling around with a single sign on your forehead, just go to ANY networking events:

..because when you expand your social circles, you will have better chances of meeting someone in the long run. So if you’re a guy and you go to meeting which turns out to be a sausage fest, don’t be discouraged. Just get to know as many people as possible.. who knows if they can introduce to your future wife on some occasion down the road?



There’s tons of places to meet singles in Fort Worth – if you just have the right mindset.

If you have been single for a while now, just start going outside your comfort zone by starting new hobbies, meeting new people and possibly joining a couple of dating sites (and properly filling out your profile and not half-assing it..)! Go check out our Top-10 best dating sites list right now and get started.

Any thoughts? What are the best places to meet singles in Fort Worth? Leave a comment below for the other readers!


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