best places to meet singles in houstonSingle in Houston?

You won’t be for long:

Datermeister – the dating master of the universe (kind of like He-Man) – has gathered 7 tips and the best places to meet singles in Houston, Texas.

The list is a good mix of nightlife and everyday life – depending on where you prefer to meet your next one night stand or your life-long partner.

So let’s get into the good stuff and crush your single status:

1. Best nightclubs to meet Houston singles?

If you’re looking to hook up in Houston, we have a couple of nightclub recommendations for you. Or, who knows if you find your soul mate and future wife or husband – this happens all the time. Here’s a couple clubs to meet singles in Houston:

Barbarella (2404 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX) is an awesome nightclub to dance, drink and meet new people. It’s pretty down to earth so people are open for normal discussions.

Cle (2301 Main St, Houston) is a nightclub which one Tripadvisor user described as “BALLERS ONLY!!”. If you want to go to a more luxurious, and let’s say pretentious nightclub, Cle could be your choice on a weekend night.

If dancing and loud music is not your thing, keep reading:


2. Best singles bars in Houston? (especially for the 30+ singles and more mature crowd)

Not in your 20s anymore?

Or you’re just a more calm soul and can’t stand the loud nightclubs? There are plenty of nice bars for singles in Houston. Here’s a few:

Pub Fiction (2303 Smith St., Houston, TX 77006, Mid Town) is a laid back pub / sports bar which has a great selection of food, drinks, men and women. Also live music playing on some nights. According to many reviews online this is the place to find a hook up in Houston.

Kenneally’s Irish Pub (2111 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019) is voted the number 1 Irish pub in Houston. If you’re looking for a fun and laid back bar atmosphere to mingle with other singles in Houston, this could be worth a visit. Also good for singles over 40!

If you’re not into beer, sports bars and bar brawls, there’s also some fancier locations in Houston:

Pub 5015 (5015 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004) – a more elegant bar for a more mature crowd. Just go with a wing man or a woman, take a drink and find some nice people to talk to.


3. Live music events or standup show’s are one of the best places to meet singles in Houston

If you’re not into the standing around in bars and clubs kind of hoping to get some action with the opposite sex (or same, or.. whatever is the politically correct way to put this saying these days), try concerts, gigs, standup shows or other events in the nightlife.

The same music taste or laughing at the same type of things is a great basis for dating someone and maybe even for a relationship. And when you’re at a concert, you already have one thing in common with all the people there.

So, there are literally hundreds of live music venues in Houston so. Check out for example the schedules of House of Blues in Houston. Or for bigger concerts, check out who is playing in the Toyota Center.

But if you want to get out of the nightlife scene and the cheesy pickup lines, there are tons of options to meet (sober) singles in Houston:


4. Get fit while meeting other singles in Houston

Gyms, boxing, yoga or dance classes and other social fitness activities are one of the best places to meet singles in Houston.

Now, you can’t be as straightforward as in the nightlife but often meeting someone at the gym is a slow process which can take weeks. If you see someone interesting at the gym, you might not dare to go and talk to them immediately but next time you see them at the gym lobby, just say a neutral hello. Eventually it might lead to small talk and you know the rest – soon you will be training horizontal mambo together.

Just to make the point clear:

Seeing the same faces on a regular basis is a good way to fall in love. It’s based on a psychological thing called the mere exposure effect. When we humans see something or someone more often, we subconsciously start trusting and liking them more.


5. ..or start a new (or old) hobby and meet new people in Houston

If you’re not into sports, how about some other social hobbies?

You won’t have to prepare any silly pickup lines but you can just talk about whatever you are learning or doing. The activity could be some course or other group meeting where you learn some skill together. Maybe learning a new language? Or a thai cooking class? Maybe something related to art?

Just do a Google search for what you might be interested in – there are tons of courses and activities in Houston which you can attend.

Similar interests are a great foundation for a relationship so surround yourself with people with similar interests – usually there are tons of singles among this kinds of activities.


6. Best online dating sites in Houston (Texas) area?

Have you tried Tinder or some other dating app which is very “shallow” and based on photos? If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then it’s better to use apps or dating sites which also put focus on the users personality.

You can join the good old to meet a bit more serious singles in Houston than the ones playing the “Tinder game”. Or if you want to go a bit more niche, there is which is a good site for singles with a university degree (or who are career focused).

Just join a couple sites, fill your dating profile properly (add a photo & text describing who you are and what you are looking for) and you are ready to get a date in no-time.


7. Attend networking events, single events, speed dating etc..

Houston singlesMany people have met their partner through common friends. If you’ve been single for a while, you might want to start enlarging your social circles. Try – there you can find groups according to different interests and hobbies. See if you find something remotely interesting and start attending these events.

If you’re into more straightforward singles events in Houston, try speed dating. You usually talk around 5 minutes per candidate and usually that is more than enough to see if you “click” or not.



As you might have realized, there are tons of places to meet people in Houston.

But it’s all about the mindset. You could meet someone at the grocery store if you just keep your eyes and mind open. Be ready for social interactions everywhere and you will be closer to meeting that someone special. And keep your eyes off your smartphone screen and those earplugs out so you’re a bit more approachable than just a modern day mind controlled consumer zombie.

Do you have any tips for other readers? What are the best places to meet singles in Houston? Leave a comment below!


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