best places to meet singles in san antonioOn this article you’ll find out the best places to meet singles in San Antonio, Texas.

In the 7th biggest city in the United States with it’s 1,5 million people, there are plenty of singles..

..but as you know, it’s still not easy to meet someone even though we are more connected than ever with the (anti)social media and all.

Anyway, whether you’re looking for just a hook up or a relationship, here’s our 7 tips for the San Antonio singles:

1. Best nightclubs to meet San Antonio singles?

So, what’s the best nightclub in San Antonio to meet singles? That depends on if you’re a hipster who wants to go to a more underground club or if you’re a baller and want the more glamorous atmosphere with VIP bottle service and so on..

There’s a lot of good nightclubs for singles in San Antonio but here’s a couple picks:

Lush Rooftop (4553 North Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78249) – a good club for the younger crowd who like either EDM or hip hop music (depending on the night and DJ).

The Industry (8021 Pinebrook Dr, San Antonio) – great place for a bit older crowd – let’s say 35 and over. And of course if you’re a young dude and want to hook up with some cougars.


2. Best singles bars to meet new people in San Antonio?

If you’re not into the loud and sweaty nightclubs, there are plenty of good and more down to earth bars for singles in San Antonio. Especially near the Riverwalk such as:

Zinc Bistro & Bar is a sophisticated bistro and bar to start your night (or even stay all the way until 2am when it closes).

Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub – a nice and relaxed pub atmosphere to have a bite to eat and drink beer and get into conversations with new people. Located on the River Walk so you can conveniently change to the other nearby bars at the river if you don’t see any “talent” in Durty Nelly’s. See, when you’re single, you want to surround yourself with a group of friends who are on the same mission as you – you need to keep moving and putting yourself in a place where you can bump into new people.


3. Live music or standup comedy nights are good opportunities to meet new people in San Antonio

Similar music taste is a great basis for getting to know other singles in San Antonio. Here you’ll be able to find all kinds of live music venues from electronic dance music to country music.

See for example this list for San Antonio live music venues.

If you go and see your favorite artist’s or bands gig, you will kind of have a concert hall full of your potential soul mates. It’s much easier to get into conversations when you have already one thing in common.

Another good option to meet new people in San Antonio could be standup comedy nights if you’re into that. You will meet many people who are already loosened up by some alcohol and jokes.


4. Attend single events or do speed dating in San Antonio

In a city the size of San Antonio there’s always different kinds of meetings and events for singles.

Have you ever tried speed dating? Normally when you get to know someone online, you might chat on and off for weeks before actually meeting the person. And then if it doesn’t go so well, you do it again and again you wait for weeks to set up a date.

But with speed dating, you can chat to multiple singles in one night. Even if it’s just a couple of minutes per person, often it’s enough to know if you want to be in further contact with this person or not.


5. According to many – Gyms are one of the best places to meet singles in San Antonio

This tip is good because a) you will get fit and b) you might find yourself a date.

It can be a gym, yoga studio, boxing class or maybe a dancing class? Just go out there and try different social fitness related hobbies – that’s where all the active San Antonio singles are at.

You don’t want to make it too obvious that you are there to pick up men or women but play it slow. Be interested in the actual thing you are doing there while keeping your eyes and ears open for conversations with the other people.


6. Best dating sites for San Antonio singles?

San Antonio singlesThe dating app Tinder has become some kind of a “game” where people aren’t very seriously looking for anything else than some ego boost or maybe hookups.

So, if you are into a bit more serious dating, it’s better to use the more traditional dating sites.

But, what are the best dating sites in San Antonio and Texas in general?

You could try:

  • OkCupid if you’re a bit younger and hipstery,
  • Good old is a good mainstream site for all ages.
  • ..or if you have a higher level education and/or are career oriented.

All are free to try to go and see if you find someone interesting.


7. Attending ANY events and meetups – enlarging your social circles

Many couples have originally met through common friends or acquaintances. So think a few steps ahead in your process of destroying your single status. Start attending any social events (for example through where you can just find new friends.

If you feel stuck in your love life, you just need to start getting active in socializing with new people – whether it’s men or women – it doesn’t matter. Maybe they have some hot single friends.



So there’s no 1 answer to the question what are the best places to meet singles in San Antonio. really depends who you are, what your interests are and so on. Just get active, try to surround yourself with people who have similar values and/or interests as you and be open and approachable. And join also at least a couple of dating sites to see what kind of singles San Antonio has to offer!

Any tips to share for other San Antonio singles? Leave a comment below!


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