best places to meet singles in los angelesWhat are the best places to meet singles in Los Angeles?

Whether you’re looking for a hook up or you want to find your soulmate, Datermeister has some solid tips for you.

It’s not just a list of nightclubs and bars but many other ways to meet other singles.

So here’s our 9 ideas to meet your fellow LA singles:

1. Best bars and clubs to meet LA singles

How to meet LA singles in bars? Usually the best bet could be going with a wing(wo)man or two.

Go to an area with several bars around, do some bar hopping and be ready to move on if you don’t see any “talent” out there. That’s why it’s good to go with a single wingman so you are ready to roll and you’re not stuck in the corner table talking about your friend’s wife and kids and pretending to be interested..

Try for example:

The Chestnut Club (1348 14th St, Santa Monica): it’s a modern cocktail bar where especially on late weekend nights it gets crowded and it’s easier to bump into new people.

Backstage in Culver city (10400 Culver Blvd) claims to be the best dive bar in the world. If you want a raw, fun and friendly night out in a laid back bar, head over here. It has actually been one of the best places to get laid in Los Angeles by LAWeekly.

The main thing is that you choose a bar which is you. 


2. Best nightlife spots to meet over 30 or 40 year old singles in Los Angeles?

If you’re not in your 20s anymore, you might want to look for bars with a bit more mature crowd. Here’s a couple of recommendations for you:

Zinqué has 2 locations in West Hollywood and Venice. It’s a wine bar (and mostly a coffee shop during the earlier parts of the day) and especially on weekend nights (open until 2) you’ll have a good chance of getting into conversations with new people.

If sipping wine in a fancy environment is not your thing, try Mom’s Bar in West Los Angeles. It’s a cool dive bar with karaoke, a ping pong table (yes) and DJ’s taking care of the music. You will meet people from all ages and many of them are 30 plus.


3. Live music is a great way to meet like minded LA singles

When you go to a concert of your favorite artist or band, you kind of have a arena full of your soulmates. So if music is an important part in your life, music events are definitely one of the best places to meet singles in Los Angeles! Whenever your favorite artist is playing in Los Angeles, go and see them and keep your side eye open to meet other people.

There’s even an dating app (called Tastebuds) that connects people to each others according to their music taste so this is not only Datermeister’s idea that music connects people.


4. Standup comedy (especially for LA singles over 30!)

All the best standup comedians perform in LA. There are tons of standup comedy shows so if that’s your kind of thing, they are great places to meet other LA singles. People are lubricated with alcohol and good jokes so it’s easy to engage in conversations with new people.

These shows are typically good a bit more mature crowd so all you over 30 or 40 singles, go check them out.


5. Learn new skills at courses

Do you want to learn something new? Whether it’s a new language you want to learn, you can attend language courses. Or you can get together with international singles by offering to do language tandems. Meaning that they learn English (or whatever languages you speak) from you and you learn their mother tongue. And guess what? By the end of the night you’ll be communicating in the language of love together. Ok, let’s see how far we get without any more cheesy jokes.

Or maybe you could attend a painting or sculpting class. Or dancing or cooking classes. These are great ways to meet singles in Los Angeles with similar interests.


6. Gyms are one of the best places to meet singles in Los Angeles these days

Many singles go to the gym these days – it doesn’t matter if you train like a beast or just take a nice stroll on the treadmill. Just go and get your face out there. When you see the same faces on a regular basis, you will subconsciously start liking each others more. Seriously – in psychology it’s a phenomenon called the mere exposure effect.

LA singles
Spot me bruh

When you work out, you will also get fitter and healthier which boosts your self confidence – this will help you greatly in the challenging world of dating.


7. Best dating sites in Los Angeles?

If you want to find a serious relationship, it’s time to forget about the photo focused dating apps such as Tinder. It’s basically a waste of time since most users are there just to get an ego boost and they treat the whole app as a “game” – especially in LA.

But on the more “traditional” dating sites people are actually looking for like minded singles to go on dates. They are more slow paced where you don’t need to decide in 1 second if you like someone or not. Just try one of these which suits you the best:

  • for all singles over 18, from all walks of life
  • for educated and career oriented singles (typically good for over 30-year-olds

Even if the dating sites are not as “cool” as certain dating apps, who cares – you’ll have MUCH better chances of actually scoring a date on them!


8. Meet LA singles on the street? This is how you become a meister in cold approaches:

Do you sometimes have that situation where you see someone cute on the street or in Starbucks, you make eye contact but there’s no way in hell you have the courage to approach them?

Many are a bit shy or introverted and find it difficult if not impossible to approach someone sober and in broad daylight. But there is a soft way to start and work on your “day game” skills. Just approach any person asking something like what time it is, if there’s a nice cafe nearby or anything neutral. You just repeat this with 10 different men or women. Repetitions make you more confident in speaking to strangers. Then the 11th person might be someone really nice and you just naturally continue the conversation. And then you or the other person will suggest having coffee..


9. Meetups and other networking events is a website/app that has tons of networking groups according to different interests. Especially in a city the size of LA, they have something for all.

They have all kinds of singles groups such as “singles over 40 in LA”, “Asian singles in LA”, “Vegan singles..” and so on.. just pick one or 2 which fit you and attend their next meetup!

Or it can be just non-single groups (single, taken, whatever). Expanding your social circles is always a good idea when you are single. After all, many couples have met through common friends or acquaintances so get new friends and you are one step closer of destroying your single status.



The LA singles scene can be a bit tough as people wander from Tinder match to Tinder match and relationship to another.. it’s actually a statistical fact that big cities are worse for singles looking for a relationship.


There are thousands of singles who want to delete Tinder and get into a relationship. So how you find them, is simply getting active with new hobbies, going to networking events and getting a bit more serious with your online dating game!

What are your experiences as a single in LA? What are the best places to meet singles in Los Angeles? Leave your $0.02 below in the comment section.


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