best places to meet singles in miami flWhat are the best places to meet singles in Miami, Florida?

There are literally millions of places to bump into other Miami singles.

But more importantly it’s about your mindset:

When you have the right attitude, you can meet singles anywhere:

Here’s our 7 tips and then it’s time for you to get started – no more excuses.

1. Best nightclubs in Miami to hook up (or just meet other singles)

Where to start..

If you’re in town just for holidays, you might want to head to South Beach to see the craziness what the Miami nightlife has to offer. You can either go full blown baller mode in clubs such as LIVĀ or if you want to get the party started during the day, start at Nikki Beach.

On South Beach you will have it all: international DJ’s, tourists, locals, celebrities..

If you’re looking for something more “local” and down to earth, keep reading:


2. Best singles bars in Miami

If you’re not into the loud (and often pretentious) world of nightclubs, it’s better to go to slightly more “normal” bars:

You could head to Brickell on a weekend night to do some bar hopping. There you will have many options to have good drinks and meet some friendly Miami singles. Here’s a couple of good ones:

Blackbird Ordinary (729 SW 1st Ave): great bar for bumping into new people especially on a weekend night.

Fado Irish Pub (900 S Miami Ave): sports on tv, live music, great beers and cocktails – what not a better and enough down to earth set up to meet other Miami singles!

And, on a general note:

Just be ready to move around and crawl through several bars (and not get stuck in the corner table talking with your married friends)! If you’re not sure which area to head to, here’s a good overview of the nightlife areas in Miami.


3. Live music or comedy shows are filled with Miami singles

Whenever your favorite artists or bands are playing in Miami, go out and see their gig. If music is an important part of your life, going to your favorite artists concert is like having a hall full of your soul mates.

Or it could be some other type of show in the Miami nightlife. Standup comedy shows are one of them. People have usually been drinking a bit and are having a good time – they’re already warmed up for getting into conversations with random people! Standup comedy shows are great for especially the over 30 crowd.


4. Learn a new skill while meeting other singles in Miami

If you’re not into the nightlife but prefer meet other people in more sober locations and you are a curious personality, you could attend some courses.

Maybe you want to learn to brew craft beer, cook some exotic food or learn a new language? Such activities are popular among singles. It could be a hit or a miss but it’s always a good idea to surround yourself with people who share your interests.

Speaking of learning a language. Many international students (or professionals) are often looking for a language tandem partner. It means that each person teaches the other person their own mother tongue over a cup of coffee. If you click, who knows, you might be speaking the language of love together by the end of the night.

Let’s stop with the cheesy jokes for a moment and continue:


5. Gyms are one of the best places to meet singles in Miami these days

miami singlesGyms can be great places to change your dating life – and life in general, two reasons:

1. You will get fitter and healthier. This will also affect your mental state – you’ll be more confident and you’ll feel more attractive in your own body. You will start attracting other people like a magnet.

2. You will start seeing new faces on a regular basis. In the gym you can’t (and shouldn’t) hit up on people like at the nightclub but it’s more of a slower paced game. Just become friendly with people, say a neutral “hi” to that cute fellow gym goer and maybe some time you get the small talk started and eventually you suggest a date. And if you are shy to approach them, maybe you happen to see them in the nightlife and then it’s easy to start the conversation.

If you’re not into actual gyms, there’s tons of other fitness related activities for singles in Miami. It could be yoga, boxing classes or meditation and so on..


6. Singles events in Miami (+other networking events)

Whether it’s a singles event or just a neutral event around some topic or interest, expanding your social circles is always a good idea when you’re single.

There are tons of singles events in Miami and one way to find these are through sites such as or different Facebook groups.

There are many different kinds of groups such as “christian singles in Miami”, “single parents in Miami” and so on.. and if you don’t feel comfortable going to singles events and prefer just “neutral” events, there is something for all! Just go out and meet like minded people!


7. Best dating sites for Miami singles?

If you’re tired with the pretentious world of modern day photo obsessed dating apps, here’s our best tip to find like minded singles in Miami:

Register on a normal dating site where you can read peoples profiles (and see pictures) and have normal conversations. You’ll have a much better chance of meeting someone decent! Our two tips:

  • – a one site fits all solution for Miami singles (tons of users from Miami and the whole urban area)
  • – if you’re university educated and/or career focused (and around 30 or over), try this one!


You know what the biggest problem with singles in Miami and pretty much anywhere in the world is?

They do the same routines every day, see the same friends, watch Netflix and maybe swipe a bit of Tinder on the side (without the success they’re hoping for).. The famous saying goes:

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got..”

So, start breaking these every day patterns and go outside your comfort zone. Start meeting new people and expanding your social circles, try a couple of dating sites and so on – just get active and start doing new stuff.

Do you have something to add? What are the best places to meet singles in Miami in your opinion? Comment below!


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