singles in orlando, flOn this masterpiece of the one and only Datermeister, we look at the best places to meet singles in Orlando, Florida.

How is the Orlando singles scene?

Is it still possible to find a partner without that soul-sucking app called Tinder?

Yes it is, my friend.

So, where to meet singles in Orlando? 7 ideas:

1. Best dating sites for Orlando singles? (time to forget Tinder)

orlando singles

If you’re tired of playing cat and mouse games on Tinder, it’s time to try something else.

Try the good old dating sites.

That’s where the magic happens these days in 2020.

If you’re around 30 or over and looking for a partner with an above average education level, try

If you’re looking for a more mainstream site, try Match or POF. Check out our list for the top 10 dating sites in the US.

Or our list for the 9 best alternatives to Tinder in 2020.


2. Best nightclubs for singles in Orlando

If you’re into the nightclub scene in Orlando, and you want to hook up, you can try for example:

Attic Orlando: for EDM lovers, Attic has 3 different areas (bar, VIP, main room) so it’s easy to bump into new people while dancing and lubricating yourself with some good drinks.

EVE Orlando: for a slightly more upscale taste, go to Eve. They also have a big outdoor terrace which overlooks the busy nightlife street of Orange Avenue. Also the music volume is lower outside so it’s good territory for chatting up other people.

..or check out this list for 10 of Orlando’s nightclubs.

But if you’re not into the loud and often pretentious nightclub scene, do keep reading:


3. Best singles bars in Orlando?

It’s always a good idea to prepare for a bar crawl when you’re single and on the lookout for some talent scouting. You don’t want to be stuck in that corner table of a quiet bar talking with your friends about their house decorations while you want to get laid – or at least get some romantic vibrations in your life.

So if you want a lively nightlife spot in Orlando, head to North Orange Avenue and do some bar hopping there. A couple of bars which are liked among the Orlando singles are:

  • The Courtesy Bar: small and intimate bar & great for cocktail lovers!
  • Finnhenry’s: friendly pub with good food & drinks, affordable prices!


4. Go out and see live music or standup comedy shows

This one is especially good for you over 30-year-old singles in Orlando. You might not want to stand around in bars anymore but you want to go out and see something:

Music is a great connector of people. When you go to a concert of your favorite band or artist, you have a hall full of your soul mates in the same place. It’s easy to strike up a conversation at the bar during or after the show since you already have one thing in common. Check out for example what the House of Blues Orlando has on their schedule.

Another good way to meet Orlando singles are standup comedy shows if that’s your kind of thing. Alcohol and (hopefully good) jokes make people chatty and open!


5. Singles events in Orlando (this is how you’ll find them)

There are many different singles groups and communities in Orlando. You can usually find them through Facebook groups or On the latter you can find very precisely narrowed down groups such as “Latin/Hispanic singles over 45” or “Christian singles in Orlando” and so on..

Or you could keep an eye for possible speed dating events in Orlando:

This is a great way to get several mini dates in one night. After all, we humans are usually able to make even big decisions based on intuition (successfully) so when you chat a few minutes per candidate you get a good picture if you would like to spend possibly the rest of your life with this person or not.


6. Other networking events & activity groups

When you’re single, it makes sense expanding your social circles.

According to some studies, most couples have met through common friends. So, think of the long term benefits of meeting just random new people in networking events and anywhere in your daily life.

Just go to any networking events (again Facebook or Meetup are good for finding these) or attend some courses of things and topics you are interested in. It could be a painting course, or maybe dancing or learning a new language..?

If you’re not in your 20s anymore, there’s also some activity groups for singles over 40 or 50 out there. These are nice and laid back events to find new friends or even the one!

Read also: Top-5 best dating sites for people over 50!


7. Gyms are one of the places to meet singles in Orlando

Pretty much all modern day singles go regularly to some kind of fitness related activity. Gym is probably the easiest to get started with. Here’s two reasons why you should start going to the gym as you are single (if you don’t already go):

1. Health & confidence boost: you will not only get fitter but working out has a great impact on your confidence levels! You will start glowing of pure sexual energy and all your potential mates will come crawling towards you.

2. Getting your face out there: this one is backed by science and it’s called the mere exposure effect. When you see same faces on a regular basis, you both will (subconsciously) start liking and trusting each others more. So, at the gym it might first be eye contact, then a neutral hello, and then small talk and eventually ending up on a date. It’s a slower game than at the nightlife but we would say that a gym is a better place to find a “keeper” than at the nightclub.



So, there you have 7 answers to the question where to meet singles in Orlando, FL.

There’s no clear formula for finding a partner in Orlando or anywhere but Datermeister recommends the following:

Start doing NEW things in your life. Start new hobbies, go to networking events, try a couple of the more serious dating sites and so on. Check out our list for the best dating sites in the US for 2020.

Any thoughts? What do you think are the best places to meet singles in Orlando? Comment below.


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