singles in sacramentoIf you are wondering what are the best places to meet singles in Sacramento, CA, we have some pretty awesome tips coming up for you.

Even though we humans are more connected than ever thanks to the antisocial media and all the dating apps, singles still struggle to find meaningful relationships.

But all you Sacramento singles out there, it’s your lucky day, Datermeister has 7 tips/ways/places to meet new people in Sacramento right now..

(..and it’s not just another list of bars and nightclubs but also listing typical singles activities and groups to meet new people):

1. Best nightclubs to meet other singles in Sacramento?

If you want to meet singles in the Sacramento nightlife, there are plenty of options. Usually it makes sense to go to the more down to earth clubs where people are more open to interactions with other people.

Here’s a couple picks:

Social Nightclub (1000 K St, Sacramento) a pure nightclub made for dancing, drinking and mingling with other Sacramento singles. Go on a Friday or Saturday night!

The Park Ultra Lounge (1116 15th St) another good club in Downtown Sacramento to enjoy good DJ’s, cocktails and to meet other people or ballers in the VIP booths.

If you’re not into the nightclub scene, try a bit quieter bars:

2. Best singles bars in Sacramento (where you can actually hear another person talk..)

So if you’re not in your 20s anymore or you just prefer a bit quieter locations, bars are great places to meet other people in Sacramento.

Here’s a couple of down to earth bars to get it going with other singles:

Firestone Public House (1132 16th St): a great bar to start the night with some food, proceed to drinks and by closing time at 2am, you will be walking home with someone. Money back guarantee. No, just kidding with the guarantee – you have to do the work.

Pine Cove Tavern (509 29th St): a legendary and a cozy little suburb type of bar with karaoke and games, while drinking and meeting other people.

3. Live music & standup shows

Concerts and smaller gigs are great ways to meet other Sacramento singles who already have one thing in common with you – music taste. There’s even a dating app called Tastebuds which connects singles according to their music taste. So music truly can connect people to each others..

Just keep an eye on your favorite bands and artists’ schedules when they stop by in Sacramento.

Another good way to end up in conversations with other people are standup comedy shows. Alcohol, jokes… it can’t get any better than that – people are in a good mood!

4. Attend Meetups or other social gatherings

You are probably part of several Facebook groups according to your hobbies and interests. See if they have some get togethers. Even though it’s all guys and you’re looking for a woman, it’s always a good idea to expand your social circles.

Or try They have tons of different groups where you can meet like minded people. These kinds of meetings are great for meeting for example single parents or singles over 40 in Sacramento.

5. Cold approaching on the streets?

Does this happen anywhere else than on movies and on these pickup artists’ YouTube videos?

Yes, approaching someone on the street in broad daylight doesn’t have to be super awkward and cheesy. You don’t have to make up some pickup lines for this. And you don’t have to make it seem like a pickup attempt. Meaning, you can just ask anything – a way to somewhere or if the person knows a nice place to get some lunch.. just make up a question if you see someone really interesting. If they seem friendly and seem to be open for a conversation then you kind of automatically continue the conversation..

Then it’s natural to go for the “Are you single..? -Yes. Do you wanna go for a coffee some time?”

6. Gyms are these days one of the best places to meet singles in Sacramento

Gym is the new nightclub..

Many Sacramento singles are into fitness related activities which happen in a rather social environment. This could be the gym, yoga, group boxing classes, or if you want to train your brain and soul – try meditation classes.

best places to meet singles in sacramento

First of all you will get fitter and healthier. This leads to better self confidence and you will feel more sexy in your body. When you feel good physically and mentally, you will start attracting more people around you.

Secondly – and most importantly – you will start seeing new faces on a regular basis. Then eventually it becomes natural to start conversations with these people and who knows if there’s some cute guy or gal among your new gym acquaintances?

7. Best dating sites in Sacramento?

Have you tried Tinder? If you feel like it’s not working for you, you’re not alone..

If you want to find a serious relationship it’s a better idea to use the “normal” dating sites. You will most likely have much better chances of getting real conversations going on and getting on dates.

But which are the best dating sites in Sacramento? Of course there are different sites for different ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations etc. but we have 2 suggestions for you:

  • for all singles in Sacramento over 18 years of age who are looking for a relationship
  • for professional singles in Sacramento (especially good for 30+ University educated singles but everyone over 18 can join)


Meeting new people in Sacramento – or anywhere – is more about your imagination. When you’re out in town or at the gym, keep your eyes and ears open (give your brain a rest from your smartphone world) – you might end up in random conversations. And who knows where these lead you..

And, get active with new or old hobbies, expanding your social circles and trying at least a couple of dating sites or apps.

Any thoughts? How do you see the Sacramento singles scene? What do you think are the best places to meet singles in Sacramento? Leave a comment below!


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