Meet singles in San FranciscoSo what are the best places to meet singles in San Francisco?

There are literally millions of places if you have a good imagination.

..but Datermeister has squeezed this list to 9 awesome ways/ideas/places to meet new people in San Francisco.

Even though SF is a big tech city where people are addicted to their smartphones, it is still possible to meet new people in more traditional ways.

So let’s get started – here’s some ideas for you San Francisco singles:

1. Best nightclubs for singles in San Francisco?

If you want to go out clubbing and meet SF singles, here’s a couple options for you:

The Grand Nightclub (520 4th St, San Francisco) – a popular nightclub for EDM lovers who want to dance and enjoy good drinks. Also for ballers who want the VIP bottle service experience.

Cat Cub in SoMa (1190 Folsom St, San Francisco) is a down to earth club for a bit “older” crowd (30+) especially during their old school music nights when they play 80s and 90s music.

..there are tons of other good clubs for mingling but if clubs are too loud for you, keep reading:

2. More cozy bars to meet down to earth singles in SF?

Ok, you are past your 20s or you just can’t stand the loud nightclubs.. there are plenty of nice bars in SF to meet locals or tourists.

Here’s a couple of options:

Bar None is a cozy bar in the heart of the cow hollow/Marina district. You can play pool, arcade games, drink beer and easily meet other people.

Mikkeller Bar: a bit more trendy than Bar None, here you’ll find some fancier beers and other drinks if you’re not into the king of alcoholic beverages.

Rye: this cocktail bar / lounge has great drinks and a bit more posh vibe to it.

3. Live music events, standup comedy shows – all good for meeting new people in SF

Live music events are great ways to meet like minded singles (if it’s not just a random gig you went to but a band/artist you really like). You already have one thing in common – it’s a good start for a hook up, friendship or maybe even a relationship.

Standup comedy is another good way to meet people in a relaxed environment. People have had some drinks and are warmed up by some jokes = everyone is open for small talk!

There is usually music or standup for every day of the week in San Francisco!

4. Attending courses (find SF singles with similar interests):

If you’re looking for a more serious relationship, it makes sense to surround yourself with people who are similar and or share similar kinds of interests as you. It’s a proven fact that people who are similar (and especially who share similar values) form happier and longer lasting relationships.

There’s plenty of sophisticated singles in San Francisco who are interested in new languages, cooking thai food, doing a beer brewing class (all the women looking for their bearded beer hipster, this is for you) and so on.. Or maybe it could be something related to art or maybe a dancing class?

5. Doing cold approaches on the streets:

A warning to all you guys out there. These days if you approach a hardcore feminist with a “hello”, you might be sued for sexual harassment.

..just kidding. Or am I. I don’t even know anymore – it’s 2018 and it’s a weird world out there.


Do you have those moments sometimes when you see someone really cute and interesting but you can’t even imagine to go and talk to them? What if you were mentally in a place where you could just go up to them and start talking? It can be done – for example in these 2 different ways:

  • Going for the direct’ish way: “I don’t usually do this but you looked very interesting and umm.. do you maybe want to go for a coffee sometime?”
  • Or going for the indirect way: “Excuse me, do you know if there’s a nice place to have lunch around here?” ..or just asking anything (even though you know the answer already)

The latter is even good for women.. you just ask a neutral question. If the guy likes you and he’s fast thinking, he’ll continue the conversation.. Maybe he’ll ask you out.

“Did you just assume that it has to be the man who asks the woman out?”

– that same feminist

6. Attending Meetups and random get togethers (expand your social circles)

Find some groups on Facebook or according to your interests and keep an eye for their “real life” meetings. Many San Francisco singles use especially Meetup for meeting like-minded people.

It doesn’t matter if you meet men or women but the main thing is to just meet new people in San Francisco. Expanding your social circles will get you closer to meeting that someone special (many couples meet through common friends or acquaintances)!

7. Going to the gym, yoga, meditation – any “social” fitness

Gyms are these days probably the best places to meet singles in San Francisco.

First of all you will get fitter, healthier and you will start feeling more confident and sexy in your body.

Secondly, there are tons of singles out there working out regularly. When you see the same faces regularly in the gym, you both will subconsciously start liking each others more. This is actually backed by science and not just one of Datermeister’s theories – it’s called the mere exposure effect.

best places to meet singles in san francisco

If you’re not into gym, there are plenty of other social fitness hobbies – especially in a trendy city such as SF. Try for example yoga, boxing classes, meditation..

8. Speed dating in San Francisco?

If you’ve done Tinder, Bumble and all that, you might have noticed the following:

You chat with someone on and off for a few weeks, eventually manage to set up a date, you go there but there’s no chemistry and that’s that. Then the same procedure – and again 3 weeks are gone..

We humans usually base our decisions on intuition and this usually works with relationships too. Often 5 minutes is enough to know if you want to get to know someone deeper or not. And finally the point: how about trying speed dating in San Francisco? It’s a great way to get several “dates” in one night!

9. Best online dating sites in San Francisco? (Better than Tinder)

You can of course keep playing the Tinder game (and not get anywhere with your dating life) or you can swallow your pride and try the more traditional dating sites (which are maybe not as “cool” as the dating apps). You will have much better chances of actually getting on a real date because people actually want to meet someone. It’s not just brainless swiping left and right.

So, what are the best dating sites in San Francisco? There are several good ones – depending on who you are:

  • is good for pretty much anyone over 18 and who wants to find something more meaningful than just a one night stand.
  • is great for over 30 year old singles in San Francisco who have a University degree and/or are career focused.

Try one or both!


They say that big and trendy cities are actually the worst places for singles to find a relationship. But there are thousands of singles in San Francisco who are looking for a good old relationship (if that’s what you are looking for too).

Our advice is to just get active. Start going to any networking events, start new hobbies, expand your social circles and if you want to meet people online, use the traditional dating sites rather than just the photo based dating games apps.

Any thoughts? What do you think are the best places to meet singles in San Francisco? Leave a comment below!


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