meet singles in san jose caWhere are all the singles in San Jose?

If you’re done with Tinder or going out in the nightlife, not to worry, the San Jose singles scene has much more to offer.

Datermeister has these 7 tips, ways and the best places to meet singles in San Jose, California:

1. Best nightclubs to meet San Jose singles?

So you want to go out, dance, drink and maybe hook up? What are the best joints for that? Here’s a couple options:

Club Caribe (1001 S 1st St): great place especially for hispanic singles in San Jose. Live band, good drinks and a friendly atmosphere to meet other singles!

LVL 44: a rather small club but great place to dance, drink and meet people. This place is not for sitting (unless you buy VIP bottle service) so be prepared to dance!


2. Best singles bars in San Jose?

If you’re not into the loud nightclub scene, go into a bar where you can actually hear the other person talk.

Original Gravity Public House (66 S 1st St): all beer geeks attention: this one is a good stop for your bar hopping tour in the San Jose nightlife. 35 beers on tap with a rotating selection. This is the place to meet the bearded beer hipster singles in San Jose.

Haberdasher (43 W San Salvador St): this is a great place for high quality cocktails and a more sophisticated atmosphere in the San Jose nightlife. Easiest to meet new people is to go on a weekend night when it gets nice and packed!

There are plenty of bars for singles over 30 and 40 in San Jose. Just go out with a wingman or woman who knows you want to meet someone and keep moving and bar hopping until you get into interesting conversations!


3. Meetups for San Jose singles (or just any networking events!)

san jose singlesWhen you’re single it makes sense to just start expanding your social circles. After all, many (if not most) couples have met through common friends or acquaintances.

One way to meet new people in San Jose are apps like Meetup. They have different types of groups according to peoples’ interests, backgrounds and hobbies. You could find a single parents group, a running group or as we are talking about a big tech city, there’s a lot of groups for tech entrepreneurs, marketers, software developers and so on..


4. Fitness related hobbies are popular singles activities in San Jose these days

These days a gym is a great place to see new faces and even meet other singles in San Jose.

There’s 2 good reasons to go to the gym when we’re talking about dating:

  • You’ll get fitter and healthier – not only physically but you will also feel more confident and sexier in your own body
  • You can possibly meet other singles and even get a date for yourself.

Of course you can’t really approach people as directly as at the nightclub but it’s more of a slow game. You see new faces – maybe you start eyeing with someone and at some point you end up talking..


5. Attending courses (learning a new skill while meeting like minded people)

Do you want to learn to cook thai food or brew beer? Or maybe to paint? Or dancing? There are plenty of courses you can attend where you can also meet other like minded singles.

Maybe you want to learn a new language? Find a language tandem partner with some international student or a Silicon Valley tech guy or gal.

Just don’t make it too obvious that you are there to spice up your love life. Be interested in the actual thing you are learning and just keep an eye if there’s some interesting new people to make friends with.


6. Best dating sites in San Jose?

Time to forget about Tinder if you want to meet a bit more serious singles in San Jose.

..serious as in, someone looking for a relationship.

There are tons of dating sites but if you want a good all round dating site which fits pretty much everyone – start at – it’s free to try.

If you want to meet professional or highly educated singles in San Jose, is your best bet.

7. Approaching people ANYWHERE in San Jose?

If you are a bit shy and/or introverted it might be difficult to start talking to strangers. But once you get over this hurdle you could be on your way to becoming a master mingler.

Next time you see someone cute on the street, go and ask them what time it is (tell that your phone battery is dead). They answer you and you thank them. That’s it. A bit later do it again.. and again.. (you might want to change the spot or wait a bit so you won’t be seen doing this to every by passer 😉 ). The point is to get a bit more comfortable with speaking to strangers. It’s just repetitions – just like at the gym. You don’t take a weight and lift it up once a year. You lift that sh*t repetitively and you get stronger and better.

If you feel that the other person is friendly and up for a chat after that first neutral question, just keep going and eventually go for the “would you like to have coffee some time?”



Even though San Jose singles scene might not be as trendy and hip as it is for the San Francisco singles, it still has a population of over 1 million people. So no matter your age or background, there are tons of potential dating partners for you.

So, get active with old or new hobbies, start networking, try a couple of dating sites and you are one step closer to getting rid of your single status!

Any tips to share? What are the best places or ways to meet San Jose singles? Comment below!


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