meet singles in tallahassee flAttention all Tallahassee singles – Datermeister has gathered some information and tips for you.

Tallahassee is a big student city so there’s plenty of nightlife and single activities for the 20-somethings.

But, as the whole metropolitan area has almost 400 000 people, there are tons of singles for all age groups – no matter if you are 22, 30 or 50+.

Here’s our 7 best places to meet singles in Tallahassee, Florida (it’s a good mix of nightlife and everyday life so there’s something for everyone):

1. Best nightlife spots to meet singles in Tallahassee?

For the younger crowd, there are tons of student parties and nightlife spots in Tally. Just head over to The Strip and do some bar hopping there. Take a wing(wo)man or two with you, get lubricated with some alcohol and go strike up conversations with new people.

Other clubs worth going when you want to meet people in the Tallahassee nightlife:

  • Recess at CollegeTown: a fun nightclub with a pool for the 18+ crowd!
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: tired of the out of control college kids? This blues club has a more mature crowd and a good atmosphere for meeting other 30+ singles.

If you’re “done” with the nightlife, there’s tons of other ways to meet the Tally singles – keep reading:

2. Best dating sites in Tallahassee? Here’s a few options:

tallahassee singlesIf you want to find a bit more serious date in Tallahassee (maybe your future partner), it’s better to use the “normal” dating sites and not the photo obsessed apps like Tinder.

In 2020, a perfect alternative for Tinder (especially if you’re around 28 or over) is

Tons of educated and/or career oriented singles on that site. Go check that out (it’s free to try).

And, generally speaking, dating sites are also great for finding Christian singles, Jewish singles, people of certain ethnicity and so on – you can narrow down your search criteria and find exactly the people you want to meet.

Check out our Top-10 best dating sites list as well.

3. Gyms are great ways to meet singles in Tallahassee

If you already go to the gym, great. If you don’t, here’s our two reasons why you should start going – especially now that you are single:

  • You will get stronger, fitter and healthier – physically and mentally. When we’re talking about love life, working out will give you a big confidence boost which is needed when dating!
  • You will start seeing new people on a regular basis. Sure, you’re there to train like a beast but during your set breaks there’s plenty of time to scan the area for a potential mate.

If you’re not into gym, try some other “social” fitness activities such as yoga (some guys have been spotted at yoga studios too), boxing classes or maybe meditation? Well, you might not want to hit up on a girl when she’s in deep meditation mode (heyy, do you come here often?”). But again, it’s good to get your face out there and maybe get some small talk in here and there.

4. Live music or other nightlife events = great ways to meet singles in Tallahassee

If music is an important part in your life, you should definitely always go out and see your favorite artists play whenever they stop by in Tallahassee.

When you go to a gig, you basically have a concert hall full of your potential soul mates. There’s no need for lame pickup lines because you can just ask something neutral about the show and see if the conversation gets going.

Or if you’re into stand up comedy shows, they are great places to meet especially over 30-year-old singles in Tallahassee. There are not a ton of shows in Tally but keep an eye for the occasional comedy nights at The Junction At Monroe.

Alcohol + jokes = lots of warmed up singles ready to mingle after the show and during the breaks!

5. Cold approaches on the street or in your everyday life

singles tallahasseeIf you are a bit introverted and you find it difficult to approach strangers (with the goal of getting a date) there is a soft way to start:

You don’t have to walk up to strangers with an awkward compliment or pickup line but you can start the training program by going and asking that cute guy or gal a neutral question. Like, “what time is it?” (your phone battery is dead) or “do you know of a nice cafe around here?” – and that’s it. Now repeat this 10 times with 10 different people. You get more confident with enough repetitions and when the chemistry is there, it’s kind of natural to continue the small talk after the first question.. and then get their phone number.

6. Join singles groups in Tallahassee and attend their events

There are some Tallahassee singles groups on Especially for people in their 20s and 30s, there’s a group called “Tallahassee 20s and 30s” which is rather active with different kinds of get togethers.

And there are even more specific groups for example for christian singles in Tallahassee there’s a group called “Singles & Young Married Spiritual Group”.

Or keep an eye on different groups on Facebook – either singles groups or just groups related to something you are interested in:

7. Go to ANY networking events in Tallahassee (expand your social circles)

When you’re single and want to find someone, it’s a good idea to just start socializing with as many new people as possible.

Reason being that according to studies, most couples have still met through common friends – even in the era of online dating.

So, just go to any events and start hanging out with new people. It could be attending some courses or classes, political groups, a local charity, sports teams, networking events related to your hobbies and so on..

Also keep an eye on singles events in Tallahassee. This could be speed dating or just going out for drinks with the singles groups you have found on or Facebook.

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Even though Tallahassee is no Miami or LA, there are still lots of singles out there.

If you feel like you’re stuck with your love life, it’s simply time to take massive action and to go outside your comfort zone:

Start new (or old) hobbies, go to networking events, join a couple of new dating sites (especially if you want something of high quality and of a complete opposite to the shallow world of Tinder!). You will definitely get some boost in your dating life!

Any tips to share with your fellow Tallahassee singles? Leave a comment below.


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