Tampa SinglesOn this article, you will find out the best places to meet singles in Tampa, Florida.

So you want to crush your single status?

You’re tired of those lonely nights just endlessly swiping Tinder and watching Netflix?

Or you just want to start dating again after a break up? Whatever your reasons are, Datermeister is here to help.

Here’s our 7 tips, ways and ideas to meet the Tampa singles – either in the nightlife or in normal everyday hobbies and situations:

1. Best nightclubs for singles in Tampa?

If nightclubs are your thing for meeting singles in Tampa, here’s a couple of options:

The Hyde Park Cafe (1806 W Platt St, Tampa, FL): not to worry, this is not a cafe but a nightclub complex with 3 different areas which makes it a great spot to party and for singles to mingle.

Club Skye (1509 E 8th Ave): probably the hottest hiphop club in town, great for a night out drinking, dancing and meeting new people.

..and for big EDM events and parties, you should check out The Ritz Ybor especially on Saturday nights.


2. Best singles bars in Tampa?

If nightclubs are too loud for your taste, there’s plenty of good bars with a slightly more mature vibe. Well, depending on how much alcohol is involved. But anyway – often bars are easier places to bump into new people. Here’s a few ideas for you:

World of Beer has 3 locations in Tampa. Check one out on a weekend night, enjoy the beers and live music and chat up some people.

The Anchor BarĀ (304 E Davis Blvd): a down to earth bar to eat, drink and meet new people.

Or just head to the Ybor district, do some bar hopping in many of the bars around there and stay where you meet the coolest people! When you’re single, it’s better to keep moving and not waste your whole night in the corner table philosophizing about life with your friends when you want to get laid (or get some phone numbers).


3. Live music events or standup comedy shows (attention 30+ singles in Tampa)

If music plays a big role in your life, be sure to attend your favorite bands and artists gigs when they stop by in Tampa. You will have a hall full of your soul mates – kind of. It’s easier to chat up some stranger at the bar when you already have one thing in common – the same music taste.

Concerts are great also for Tampa singles in their 30s and 40s. And another good place to chat up some 30+ year olds are stand up comedy shows. People are drinking and laughing so what not a better place to start conversations during the break and after the show.


4. Best dating sites for Tampa singles? (Forget Tinder..)

best places to meet singles in tampa, fl
My goodness, Datermeister was right.. why didn’t I try these sites earlier?

If you want to find people who want to go on real dates and possibly end up in a relationship, it’s better to forget the dating apps and try “normal” dating sites.

On dating sites you can put more focus on actually getting to know the people. After all, especially when you get a bit older (over 25), you can’t base a lasting relationship on just photos of duck faces and six packs.

Here’s our two recommendations for Tampa singles:

  • Match.com for everyone over 18 years of age
  • Elitesingles.com for all academic and professional singles (especially for the late 20s and over 30s crowd)

5. Singles events and meetups in Tampa!

If you’re not into 1-on-1 dates so fast and prefer to meet many people at once, you could attend some singles events and activities in Tampa. These you can usually find through various Facebook groups or Meetup.com.

Or it could be speed dating – you get to meet many “candidates” on one night. Often a few minute chat is enough to tell if you “click” with another person or not.

Look for all types of networking events you’re interested in and try ’em all!


6. Gyms are one of the best places to meet singles in Tampa these days

All kinds of social fitness hobbies have become very popular among modern day singles. There’s two big benefits for you to start going to the gym or other fitness hobby right now as a single:

You will get fit, you will feel healthier and this has a big boost on your confidence levels as well. When you’re single and want to mingle, you need healthy levels of self confidence.

Secondly (and more importantly since we want to crush your single status) you will start seeing new faces on a regular basis. Maybe you see someone interesting and you make eye contact. Next week you meet them at the gym lobby and you start small talk. Maybe next time you’ll talk again and you end up agreeing on a date. And the next thing you know, you’ll be training horizontal mambo in a more private location.


7. Starting new hobbies, going to courses

If you’re not into fitness, there are tons of other popular activities among the Tampa singles.

Many active singles in Tampa go to different kinds of courses. It could be something art related, maybe a course how to brew craft beer, barista course, learning a new language and so on..

You will learn new skills and on the side you will most likely meet like minded people and get new friends. After all: according to some studies, most couples have met through common friends so it makes sense expanding your social circles.



So there you have some of the best places to meet singles in Tampa, Florida.

Now it’s time for you to get active:

Go to networking events, start new or old hobbies, join a couple of the more serious dating sites and you will definitely start to see some action in your dating life.

Any thoughts on the Tampa singles scene? Leave your tips or comments below!


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