tucson singlesAttention all Tucson singles out there.

When you’ve read this article, you will be ready to crush your single status in no time.

No matter if you’re young and in your 20s, or in your 30s with your biological clock ticking like Kim Jong Un’s rockets, or you’re over 40 and on your “second round” of dating..

..we have some kick-butt tips for all singles in Tucson.

Here’s our 7 tips and the best places to meet singles in Tucson, Arizona:

1. Best nightclubs for the Tucson singles?

If you’re into the nightclub thing, here’s a couple of good options for Tucson:

Zen Rock Nightclub (121 E Congress St): 3 different dance floors, great place to dance and drink for especially the younger crowd.

And on a more general note, Fourth Avenue district is a great nightlife area for singles in their 20s!

The Maverick (6622 E Tanque Verde Rd): let’s keep it real. The Maverick has been in the Tucson nightlife scene for 50+ years. Great club to drink, dance and mingle especially with other Tucson singles over 30/40/50!

2. Best singles bars in Tucson (attention all singles over 30)

If you’re not into the loud nightclubs, there are more relaxed options in the Tucson nightlife, here’s just a couple of options which have been good to singles:

Outlaw Saloon (1302 W Roger Rd): a nice bar to eat, drink, see live music, and meet down to earth and nice people.

SideCar (139 S Eastbourne Ave): a sophisticated but still down to earth craft cocktail bar. Go on a weekend night to higher your chances of bumping into other Tucson singles.

Just take a good wing(wo)man with you and be ready to do some bar hopping if you want to meet lots of people! Don’t get stuck in that corner table for the whole night (unless it looks like you’re going to score).

3. Concerts or stand up comedy shows are great for 30+ singles

Concerts can be great places to meet people with the same music taste. It’s easy to strike up a conversation while waiting at the bar or after the show. So, whenever your favorite band or artist stops by in Tucson, go and see them.

Rialto Theatre is a great location for live music – see what they have on schedule.

Stand up comedy shows can be another good way to meet other singles in Tucson – especially the over 30-year-olds tend to be highly represented at stand up shows. Alcohol and jokes make people very approachable!

4. Best dating sites in Tucson? This is why you need to forget Tinder:

best places to meet singles in tucson arizonaIf you want to find someone at least semi-serious to date, it’s better to forget about dating apps like Tinder.

On “real” dating sites, people are more willing to actually meet people and not just play around.

So what are the best dating sites in Tucson?

Well, if you’re around 30 or over, well educated and/or career oriented, try EliteSingles.com.

EliteSingles has tons of Tucson singles over 30 so if you’re past your 20s and want to forget the cat and mouse chasing games of Tinder, this dating site is for you.

Over 50?

Check out our Top 5 best dating sites for over 50-year-old singles!

5. Gyms are great places to meet singles in Tucson

Gyms can be one of the best places to meet singles in Tucson these days. Often you see the same faces on a regular basis so it’s easy to start saying a neutral “hi” and have small talks with other gym goers.

You will not only get fitter and stronger physically but working out will have a massive boost on your mental well being and self confidence! These all are great assets in the complicated world of dating. 😉

There are tons of gyms and fitness centers in Tucson and you can get started with as little as 10 bucks per month (Planet Fitness).

6. Single events or just normal networking events (also great for Tucson singles over 40!)

When you’re single it makes sense to just start networking with as many people as possible. It can be related to your studies, work, hobbies or other interests.

According to many studies, most couples have met through common friends. So just looking at facts, it makes sense finding new friends and acquaintances. You never know who they can introduce you to at some point in the future.

You can find different kinds of groups on Facebook or for example on Meetup.com. The latter has straight forward singles groups such as “Fun 50+ Singles Activities” or “Singles Mingle in Tucson”. So there are active groups for singles of all age! But if you don’t want to attend “singles only” groups, there are tons of normal networking groups to join!

If you’re over 50, and prefer 1-on-1 dates, try SilverSingles.com – it’s an awesome dating site only for 50+ singles.

7. Learn a new skill (while meeting people with same interests) or do “hobby dates”

If you enjoy developing yourself look out for different kinds of courses in Tucson.

How about a painting class? Maybe a course for cooking some exotic food or a beer brewing? How about learning a new language? Often international students (or professionals) are looking for a language tandem partner which means that you teach your native language to each other. And who knows if you end up speaking the language of love together later on..?

Or maybe you play tennis and want to find new partners to play with.. or you need a hiking partner? People look for activity buddies online all the time and you never know who you meet (or who they can introduce you to some time in the future). Look for some Meetup or Facebook groups to find other active Tucson singles.


There are tons of ways to meet singles in Tucson:

The main thing is to just think of the long term benefits of just getting active with all the networking events and just expanding your social circles. Life tends to give us interesting opportunities when we keep putting ourselves out there in new situations.

So get active in the offline and online world – join a couple of the more serious dating sites and you will definitely see a boost in your dating life. If you’re around 30 or over, Datermeister’s recommendation for 2020 is EliteSingles.com <– try it for free.

Any tips for your fellow Tucson singles? Leave a comment below.


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