best places to meet singles in washington dcWhat’s up DC singles, Datermeister is here to help you bust your single status in 7 easy steps!

By the end of the article, you’ll be ready to hit the Washington nightlife and find your sexy counterpart.

All we ask of you is that you be proactive, stay positive, wear your best clothes and get ready to smile at (and talk to) strangers.

Best chat-up lines at the ready, let’s take a look at the 7 best places to meet singles in Washington DC.

1. Best nightclubs for Washington singles

Like music and LOVE to shake your booty? Now’s the time to stop falling out of nightclubs – and into the arms of your next lover instead. Get dancing and get grinding!

When the sun goes down on DC, nightclubs are great places to have fun with your friends. But put the shots aside for now so that you stay sober enough to finesse a fellow DC single who wants your number.

Remember, you only get one shot in clubs with people. Get tipsy enough to dance, then hit the dance floor and show your moves.

Here are the 2 best nightclubs for singles in Washington:

Eighteenth Street Lounge (1212 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20036): There are 2 main things we love about Eighteenth Street Lounge. First, it’s located in one of the best Washington neighbourhoods for singles. Secondly, it’s a club that comes with seating.

That’s right seating.

Not just this but it has as many as five rooms, which means you’ve got lots of people to choose from. Find someone you like, dance with them – and then invite them for a chilled time-out in the seating area.

POV at W (515 15th St NW, Washington, DC 20004): This rooftop club is amazing. How great would it be to be able to say that you met your next partner under the DC stars?! (while chasing a Tequila slammer, but still).


2. Best Bars in Washington For Singles

Does the thought of hitting the club scene to find a romantic partner make you want to stay single forever?

We get it – clubs aren’t for everyone. But if you’re serious about meeting someone, it’s pretty much essential that you hit the DC night life. If nightclubs are too intense for you, bars are the next best thing.

Here are the top 2 bars for singles in Washington:

Red Derby (3718 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20010): This place has board games. BOARD GAMES! This means that you need to take a wingman (or woman) along with you, find two cute people and offer them a game. Whoever loses must do a forfeit, and if things are going really well, it could even be a bit of a racy forfeit …

Rocket Bar (714 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001): Board games not really your thing? How about video games?! The Rocket Bar provides an array of video games in its funky cool bar. It’s also got shuffleboard, darts and billiards. All you need to do is scan the room, find someone attractive and challenge them to a game or two.


3. Concerts or Stand-up Comedy Shows Are Especially Some of the Best Places to Meet Singles in Washington

By now, you’re probably beginning to think that DC singles are everywhere – there’s probably even one under your bed!

The thing is that they are everywhere. They won’t just come to you, however – you have to go to them.

Concerts are full of hot singles, and the best thing is that you know you’ve already got something in common. The two of you for sure like the same music, so why not catch someone’s eye and exchange numbers?

Don’t try to talk too much at the concert itself. The sheer noise could make that awkward, and if you persist with questions while they’re trying to enjoy the music, you’ll look like a douche. Just catch their eye, introduce yourself, maybe make a joke, and then ask if they wanna swap numbers.

Datermeister highly recommends comedy clubs as one of the best places to meet singles in Washington, too. Everyone is in a good mood and the jokes and drinks are flowing. Find someone you like the look of and deliver the classic line, “do you come here often?”

Here are the 2 best comedy clubs in Washington:

DC Improv (1140 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20036): This place has been around since the civil war! Okay, maybe not, but it IS old – and it’s a DC institution. Despite its age, it remains a hotspot for hotties, especially Washington singles over 40. That said, people of all ages come here for a giggle … and maybe something more.

Comedy Club (2327 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009): With cheap happy hour food on offer and lots of fab performances, you’re guaranteed a great night at the Comedy Club, even if you don’t meet someone new.


4. Best Places Online to Meet DC Singles

Nope, you can’t be hitting the club and bar scene all the time (unless you’re a millionaire who doesn’t work anymore omg).

So what do you do when you’re home alone? Wait for the weekend to meet hot singles in Washington? Watch Netflix? Turn into a crazy cat person?!

(Definitely don’t do that last one – DC singles aren’t looking for those!)

Instead, make the most of your spare time by creating a few online dating profiles.

We’d avoid Tinder if we were you because 95% of users don’t actually want to date. They see Tinder as a game and use it (and you) for validation.

DC singlesInstead, if you’re serious about finding a romantic partner you connect with, try one of these two sites instead: is free to register with, and it works in such a way that it’s really easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. This means that you’ll spend less time talking to people you’re not really interested in. Possibly the best dating site in the USA. If you want someone highly educated and who is serious about their career, Elite Singles is the one to join. Like Match, it’s free to register and it’s home to lots of smart Washington singles.

“But what if I wanna find Jewish singles in Washington?”

We hear you. Whether you want to find Catholic singles in Washington, Christian singles in Washington singles – or even crazy cat people singles in Washington – both Match and EliteSingles let you refine your search.


5. Gyms Are Great Places to Meet Washington Singles

Need more confidence before you hit the Washington nightlife in search of a sexy single? Join a gym and get in shape.

However, if that’s not enough to motivate you, this should: Gyms are great places to meet Washington singles.

Like, for real.

Think about it: Gyms are full of hot, healthy bodies. Some of them are single. Once you start going often, you can introduce yourself to people, make new friends and eventually ask someone out.

In the meantime, working out will improve the way you look and the way you feel about yourself. And this is essential if you’re to have dating success.


6. Washington Singles Events – Or Any Kind of Networking Events

Did you know that speed dating is actually a really good way of meeting someone new?

Washington singles events like speed dating work because they’re so efficient.

Picture it: you’ve just spent the last 2 weeks getting to know someone online and were really hopeful that the two of you would get along in person. But now that you’ve met, you’ve realised that there’s just no chemistry. Darn it.

Speed dating allows you to decide on the same night you first got talking to someone if there’s a spark or not. This means no wasted time.

Plus, it’s a load of fun!

As well as speed dating, you can try just about any kind of Washington singles meetup events.

And don’t stick to just the singles events – chance your arm at regular networking events, too. Okay, so you might not meet a romantic partner, but you can widen your social circle. Remember that the more people you know, the greater the chance that someone will introduce you to a fellow singleton.


7. Learn a new skill (while meeting people with the same interests) or do “hobby dates”

Finally, if there’s a skill you’ve always wanted to master, we’ve got the motivation you’ve been waiting for to go out and learn it.

Instead of learning to paint all by yourself, join a class and learn with others. Who knows who you might meet?

Classes are full of like-minded individuals, and there’s every chance you’ll meet a hot single in Washington who you hit it off with.

Just be positive and kill two birds with one stone.



It’s just a matter of time before you meet someone now that you’re armed with the 7 best places to meet singles in Washington DC.

So be proactive. Put your face out there and attack on two fronts – offline and online.

Bring a wingman (or woman), prepare some killer chat-up lines and let us know how you get on!

Have we missed something out when it comes to DC singles? Leave us a comment below!


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