best places to meet singles in wilmington ncWhat’s up Wilmington singles, who’s up and ready to meet someone who makes them super happy?!

Datermeister knows a thing or two about being single. The good news is that we’ve also got the scoop on the 7 best places to meet singles in Wilmington.

That’s right! We’re going to show you where to go at night AND at day, and we’ll also give you some tips on how to approach people with confidence.

We’ll also show you why meditating classes are surprisingly good places to meet people!

Ready to do this?! Let’s go!

1. Best nightclubs for Wilmington singles

Love a good dance? Wish you could get all hot and steamy on the dance floor with your next romantic partner?!

Clubs are great places to meet hot singles because people are looking for a good time. As long as you’re looking and acting your best, there’s literally no reason why you can’t make it happen in a nightclub.

Just grab a friend, have some drinks and hit the dance floor. Once you’ve caught someone’s eye and it’s on, dance with them!

Don’t be afraid to get close to them and show them that they’re yours for tonight. Be sexy, introduce yourself and make them want you.

Then, get their number and text them the next day.

Here are the 2 best nightclubs in Wilmington:

Ibiza Nightclub (118 Market St, Wilmington, NC 28401): The clue should be in the name with this one. Ibiza – named after the iconic dance island – is a modern nightclub that’s always full of hot singles. Located in one of the best Wilmington neighbourhoods for singles, it’s got the tunes and it’s even got karaoke!

The Whiskey (1 S Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401): The crowd here is always super friendly and fun and you’re guaranteed a good time no matter what happens. The drinks are affordable and there’s also the occasional chance of live music.


2. Best Bars in Wilmington For Singles

Find it hard to talk to people in a club? Not a fan of dancing in public?

No problem – but you don’t want to stray too far from the Wilmington singles scene. As such, you need to hit the bars.

Wilmington is home to some laid back bars that are ideal for meeting new people. All you need to do is take a friend and see who’s about.

If you’re not confident with talking to hot singles in Wilmington, the best thing to do is to strike up conversations with people you don’t fancy first. This will help you grow in confidence and it will show you how friendly people are!

Honestly, people don’t bite. Just relax, break the ice and take it easy. Keep your conversation light and slowly move it forward.

If it’s clear that you and someone are getting along, ask for their number.

Here are the 2 best Wilmington singles bars:

Beach House Bar (Fort Fisher, Kure Beach, NC 28449): Located by the beach, this joint is incredibly laid back. The vibes are fantastic for meeting new people, and if you want to meet a beach bum this is the place to go!

Beer Barrio (34 N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401): Located at the heart of downtown, Beer Barrito is a hip bar and eatery where all the sexy Wilmington singles go to cool down. Whether you go at night or during the day, there’s always someone to meet.


3. Concerts or Stand-up Comedy Shows are some of the best places to meet singles in Wilmington

wilmington singlesIf live music is your jam, you need to stop focusing too much on the music at concerts.

That sounds harsh! But the thing is, concerts are great places to meet singles.

However, you need to go to a concert with more of a focus on meeting someone and less of a focus on the music.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still have a good time. But isn’t it better to dance with a gorgeous stranger than on your own?!

Like at a club, all you need to do is position yourself well, catch someone’s eye and dance with them. Show them you’re interested, get close during any sexy songs and then ask if they’d like a drink once the show is over!

Comedy clubs, meanwhile, are handy for Wilmington singles over 40. Just grab a group of friends and see what happens.

Honestly, you know who you could bump into at a comedy club, be it at the bar, in the smoking area or even at a shared table.

Just don’t be shy! Laugh, have a good time and strike up conversations. Ask if someone is having a good time – it can be that easy!

Here is the best comedy club in Wilmington:

Dead Crow Comedy Club (265 N Front St, Wilmington, NC 28401): This is actually the only dedicated comedy club in town, so you haven’t got much choice. However, the standard of comedy is always high and the place is always packed with people in search of some belly laughs – and maybe something more!


4. Best places to meet Wilmington Singles online? (Forget Tinder)

singles in wilmington north carolinaNeed something to pass the time before you can hit the clubs and the bars? Instead of cooling off with Netflix, turn up the heat with online dating.

‘But online dating doesn’t work!’

It does work – if you avoid Tinder, that is.

The key to succeeding with online dating is having good photos and a strong bio that sells yourself without coming across as too arrogant or desperate. Just talk about your interests (lists work) and add a funny line if possible. Showcase what makes you different from other people.

Here are the 2 best dating sites: Match is super popular in America because it’s free and easy to use. Just register, add your photos and create a bio. Then, take your pick from the many hot Wilmington singles. If you’re highly educated and/or have a career that you love, Elite Singles is well worth checking out. It’s the only dating site dedicated to career oriented singles who have a higher level of education. This is exactly where those lawyers and doctors have been hiding. Pro tip: your opening message better be good!

And if you’re looking for Christian singles in Wilmington or Catholic singles in Wilmington, both these sites let you easily refine your search so that you can find exactly who you want.


5. Gyms or other fitness related activities are good ways to meet Wilmington Singles:

Need more confidence? Think your body is the prime reason you’re having no luck on the Wilmington singles scene?

Gyms are among the best places to meet singles in Wilmington, as are other health and fitness focused places, such as yoga and meditation classes.


A few reasons. Firstly, you’ll be able to connect with people who are as passionate about their health as you are.

Secondly, people who go to the gym either have a great body or are working towards one. Bonus.

Thirdly, anyone who goes to a gym or a yoga class is a regular. Once you become a regular, it’ll be easy to recognise faces and say hello. Before you know it, you’ll be chatting to fit new people, making friends – and inviting Wilmington singles out for lunch!

Yup – it can be that easy.


6. Wilmington singles events & other networking events:

There are plenty of Wilmington singles meetup events going on all the time. hosts a bunch themselves, so it’s well worth downloading even if only for that reason.

Meanwhile, check your local church out if you want to meet Christian singles in Wilmington as they’ll surely host Wilmington singles events of their own every now and then.

Speed dating events are well worth checking out, too. You get to chat to several people in one night, and if it’s clear that there’s fireworks between you and someone else, you can arrange a proper date for sometime in the future.

Add regular networking events to your calendar as well. You probably won’t meet your next romantic partner there and then but consider this: Most couples meet through friends. This means that the more people you know, the more opportunities there’ll be to meet someone you really hit it off with.

Matchmaking really does work!


7. Learn a new skill while meeting new people:

Lastly, if you’re learning a new skill all by yourself, you’re doing it wrong.

Whether you’re learning how to paint, cook or whether you’re learning a new language, there are classes for that.

‘But I’ve got DuoLingo and it’s great!’

Ok – but an app and home learning isn’t going to introduce you to singles in Wilmington.

So join a class. Learn and meet new people at the same time! You legit don’t know who you might fall for, be it the student sitting next to you or even your professor!



As you can see, those who stay single in Wilmington are those who refuse to head out and be proactive.

If you hit the bar scene once a month and do nothing else, it’s no surprise you’re single!

It’s time to be active. It’s time to spread your wings and become the hottest and most confident member of the Wilmington singles scene.

And if that sounds depressing, just know this: It won’t be too long before you can retire 😉


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